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Launched by Twelve App, Yubo is a social media platform where people can do a lot more than just check each other out. Users can chat, look and swipe around, live streams with up to 10 friends, gain viewers and commentators, and even play video games. Originating from France, Yubo is currently popular worldwide, mainly amongst teens.

Phone Verification for Yubo

Anyone can sign up for Yubo, even the underaged teenagers. However, not all profiles can be approved to join the online community worldwide. Yubo will ask you for a phone verification step where their system will send a code to your phone via SMS. Once you confirm the code, your profile will be on.

Why Does Yubo Require Phone Verification?

Prevent Malicious Users

A phone verification works as an identification of your profile. Because many users in Yubo are teenagers, Yubo needs to take extra measures to prevent people with bad intentions from joining the community.

Securing Account

With a verified phone number, you will still be able to claim the ownership of your account even if you forget your password or get locked out of your account for some reason.

Get Rid of Robots

Bots can be dangerous and inconvenient to other people on Yubo. Luckily, bots are not able to bypass a phone verification process.

Keep the Users Real

As a social media, especially one that is popular amongst underaged users, Yubo needs to make sure all of its users are real humans. Thus, people can feel the genuine social media experience.

When Does Yubo Ask for Phone Number Verification?

On Registration

The first time you sign up and create a profile, Yubo will ask you to send a verification code they sent to your phone via SMS.

Two-Factor Authentication

If you activate the two-factor authentication, you will need the Yubo code every time you log in. This method adds an extra layer of protection to your account.

Logging In from New Devices

When Yubo detects you logging in from a new device, it will ask for verification to make sure it is the actual owner of the account who attempted to log in.

Verifying ID for Your Profile

Yubo allows you to verify your ID and make your profile most trustworthy for people to follow. This process requires you to verify your phone number as well to start.

Account Recovery

Forgetting your password or getting logged out by the system would not be a big deal if you have your phone number verified. The system will just send you a new code to type into the platform again.

Options for Yubo Phone Verification

Yubo demands a normally-functioning phone number for the verification process. Here are several options you can consider using:

Your Private Phone Number

Using the conventional phone number that you use every day is the most effortless option for Yubo verification. Yet, many people dislike this option because it may result in less privacy.

A Free Fake Number Online

The fake number you can get for free online usually works once, but then it will stop working after a while. At that point, you may lose your Yubo account as you are not able to log in with a phone verification anyone.

A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

Generate a virtual number from MySecondLine and use it for anything. This number never expires as long as you keep your subscription active.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Yubo Verification

Guaranteed to Work

The virtual number from MySecondLine is not like any other free burner number. Yubo will not block or reject it because the number can function well as a conventional number does.

Use for Everything

More than just receiving and making calls or messages, you can also use the number for call forwarding, voicemails, and any other activities you usually do with your mobile number.

No Unexpected Expiration

If you keep the subscription active and keep renewing, your MySecondLine number will stay active. It will not stop working suddenly like those free bogus numbers.

Delete Anytime

Deleting your phone number is just as easy as generating one. All you need to do is click away from the app. Feel free to delete it when you no longer want the number anymore.

Choose Your Country Code

While mobile numbers are bound to their location by the country codes, our virtual numbers are not. You can choose any country you want and get your number from the code area

How to Do Phone Verification

1. Install MySecondLine app on your phone.

2. Get on the registration process.

3. Choose a country code and generate a number

4. Register to Yubo with the MySecondLine phone number

5. Go to the settings tab, find Receive Verification Code

6. Confirm your Yubo code and your verification process is done.

7. Keep your MySecondLine subscription to hold your number.

8. Contact the app support anytime for any queries.

Customer Review

It is interesting how you can make a Yubo account that nobody will know is you. My friends will not cyberbully me anymore as I am off their radar now

Kyra Stone - High School Student

I am running an online shop and using Yubo to promote my products. I use MySecondLine number to avoid mixing it with my private communication line

Holly Banks - Food Truck Entrepreneur

I am not comfortable allowing my children to use their actual numbers for safety reasons. I bought each one of them one MySecondLine number for social media and such things. Turns out, this makes it easier for me to monitor their activities without having to snoop into their private chats. It is a relief to know my kids are safe and happy, yet they wouldn’t mind my method because they still have their privacy. All parents should do this!

Benjamin Glasston - Father of Three Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people contact me at this number?

If you let people know your number, yes they can. Otherwise, the chances are slim. Even if they call, you can block them through the MySecondLine app if you want.

What if the verification is failed or rejected?

Check again to see if your app is updated and if the number you input is correct. If it still doesn’t work, contact our support team. We will assist you until your Yubo account is verified.

Is MySecondLine safe to install and use?

Sure! The $9.99 you pay for the subscription mostly goes to the protection structure of our system. Your data and privacy are always safe with us.

an contact us.