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Better than any other mobile payment application, Strike allows you to use bitcoins for sending or receiving money. The platform also facilitates micro payments, international remittances, tipping, transfers, and many other types of payments. Transaction processes are impressively fast, and data safety is reliable on Strike. It is truly the future of digital payment!

Phone Verification for Strike

It is impossible to use Strike without having a mobile phone number associated with the account because the system will ask for a phone verification from time to time. To avoid problems, it is strongly advisable to prepare a mobile number that will stay active in the long term. Inactivation of your phone number may cause you to be permanently unable to access your account.

Why Does Strike Require Phone Verification

Necessary User Information

Similar to conventional banking, Strike requires essential information to identify each of its users. The information includes name, address, email, bank credentials, and mobile phone number.

Preventing You from Losing Your Account

The strike will record the mobile number you verify and use it to secure your account. This process will effectively lower the risk of permanently losing access to your account after a system error.

Securing the Whole Ecosystem

Phone verifications are effective to filter out bots and malware, keeping away cyber attacks, and prevent any kind of data violations. The ecosystem will be significantly more trustworthy for all users.

Legal and Security Requirements

Laws forbid all financial platforms to have anonymous users. Hence, identification for each user is non-negotiable if the platform wants to stay operating legally. 

When Does Strike Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Registering An Account

Your first phone verification will happen right after you finish filling out the registration form. It is mostly impossible to explore Strike for the first time before this step is fully completed.

Sometimes When Trying to Login

If you have activated the two-factor authentication, you will verify your phone again on each sign-in. Otherwise, you would only require to do it occasionally when the system needs to maintain its security.

Required System Recovery

Forgetting a password or an accounting glitch may forcefully log you out, but you will not lose your account permanently if you have a verified mobile number on Strike. The system will just need to verify it once again to let you log in again.

Transactions Confirmation

Sometimes, phone verification is also required when you try to send or receive money. This step is one of the security protocols in Strike to confirm that the transaction is not malicious.

Important System Notifications

Strike will also use your mobile number to send SMS notifications regarding system updates or transaction details to keep you alert of any important things regarding your Strike account.

Phone Number Options for Strike Verification

Your Primary Mobile Number

The mobile number you use every day may work for Strike because it will stay active in the long run. Unfortunately, this decision may also expose your number for data mining and ruin your privacy.

A Fake Free Number

Some websites and apps give away fake numbers for free, but you better stay away from them. Not only that most numbers may have duplications, but they also tend to carry malware and will stop working unexpectedly.

MySecondLine Virtual Number

Unlike those free fake numbers, the virtual number from MySecondLine is reliable for long-term uses. The benefits it brings make this option totally worth considering to use on Strike and many other things.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Strike Verification

Acceptable by Strike System

Thanks to its advanced and secure technology, MySecondLine only produces virtual numbers that are considered safe and compatible with the Strike system and almost any other online platform.

Convenient for All Purposes

The app interface is sleek, making it easy to explore and use all the features. This advantage makes MySecondLine great for many things; callings, messaging, file-sharing, and more.

Works on Any Location

It doesn’t matter which country code you pick. All can work well even if your location doesn’t match your country code. It is all because MySecondLine relies on an internet connection to operate.

Flexible Period of Usage

Keep your number active by keeping your subscription on. It will also give you the authority to delete or change your number anytime you want it. 

Responsive Customer Support

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support anytime because our team will respond to your queries as quickly as possible. We will assist you until your concerns are fully settled.

Unique Number for You

No other person will get the same virtual number as you. With such exclusive use of numbers, you will stay private and secure.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Install and sign up for MySecondLine.
  2. Generate a virtual number from a country code you choose.
  3. Sign up to Strike using that virtual number.
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting menu.
  5. Input the code back to Strike to verify your account.
  6. Update your subscription plan to retain your number.
  7. Contact our app support anytime you need.

Customer Review

Using your private number for Bitcoin transactions doesn’t make sense to me. I highly recommend using MySecondLine instead to keep your transaction secure. It works for me the whole time.

Noura Ashaad, Bitcoin Trader

I use my virtual number for almost everything, including verification on all websites and applications. MySecondLine is more advantageous than any other provider. 

Trent Holden, Baseball Coach

MySecondLine gives me a solution for my fear of data mining. It feels comfortable and peaceful to know that my private number is not associated with any digital system.

Montana Post, Model

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for calls, texts, and voicemails?

Besides the $9.99 subscription fee, you will not need to pay anything more. All features are free to use as much as you want.

Do I need a high-specification smartphone to get MySecondLine working properly?

Our app works on almost any smartphone with Android and iOS, even if it has low specifications.

How can I permanently keep and lock the phone number to myself?

Upgrade your subscription to an annual plan, and pay your renewal before your expiration date.

Can I create multiple Strike accounts using the same virtual number?

Strike only allows one mobile number to create one account. If you need multiple accounts, you can contact our support to get multiple virtual numbers from MySecondLine.