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Life gets much more efficient and convenient if you have your bank inside your phone. No more transporting and waiting in lines to get your transactions done. Using the internet and mobile technology, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank launches the Chime app with its online banking services. The mobile bank can issue Visa debit and credit cards. Users are free to conduct various transactions without getting charged.

Phone Verification for Chime

Due to its ultimate practicality, many people are eager to sign up for Chime. The platform itself has made its registration process simple so that anybody can do it without a problem. You only have to fill out an online form and click submit. The platform will then send a verification code to your phone number for you to input back onto the system.

Why Does Chime Require Phone Verification?

The verification process is undoubtedly necessary due to multiple reasons, such as:

Confirming the Account Owner

Every account has an owner, and Chime needs a solid confirmation of who is the owner of each account. A verification process works as if you are claiming the ownership of the account you just made.

Keep Your Money Safe

A verified number means you can claim your account back if there is something wrong with it. Thus, you would be able to access your money back.

Prevent Money-Related Crimes

Chime will always ask for verification now and then to prevent malicious bots and people from committing cyber crimes to steal users’ money.

When Does Chime Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Opening An Account

The verification code they ask you for the first time is when you are registering a new account. This step is mainly to confirm your identity as the account owner.

Logging In from New Devices or Locations

It is deemed suspicious when you try to log in from a device and location you have never used before. Thus, the Chime login system needs to verify first before approving you to enter.

Entering Wrong Passwords

Once is fine. But, if you keep trying different passwords to see which one matches, the system will take you as suspicious. Thus, it will direct you to a verification procedure.

Making Big or Unusual Transactions

Chime always ensures the safety of every transaction to prevent money-related cyber crimes. Thus, it will verify first every time you try to make big or odd transactions.

Receive Important Notifications

Sometimes, Chime will send you a notification about important events to your phone number via SMS, such as receiving a big amount of money or a reminder of a late payment.

Options for Chime Verification

Use Your Phone Number

Most people will use their phone number to register and verify Chime. It is the most logical option for most people because your mobile phone number stays with you almost all the time. Thus, it is much easier to manage. However, many people seem to forget that exposing your phone number like this may disturb your privacy and security.

Use MySecondLine Number

MySecondLine number offers a virtual phone number for $9.99. This number can work the same way as regular phone numbers do. It can make and receive calls and messages, including the verification code.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Chime Verification

Compared to other alternatives you have for Amazon verified account matters, using the number you generate MySecondLine will give you many advantages that make it worth the money!

Works Well for Chime

None of our clients have trouble using MySecondLine numbers for their Chime accounts. Not only for the verification process, but they can even receive notification messages on their virtual numbers, which make it easier for them to monitor.

Free Choices of Country Code

A virtual number does not depend on its location. It is boundless. You can choose any country code you want for your virtual number, even if you are far away from that location.

High Versatility

Use your number for everything you do on your mobile phone. MySecondLine number can do more than just calling and messaging, but also call forwarding, voicemail managing, etc.

Number Stays Active

The free online numbers that you can get from cheaply-made websites will mostly expire eventually without a warning. You might lose access to your Chime account for it. Fortunately, MySecondLine will never expire while the subscription is still active.

No Duplicate Number

Unlike those free online numbers, each of our virtual numbers is exclusively for one user. Thus, you will get the ultimate privacy and safety from MySecondLine.

How to Do Phone Verification with MySecondLine App

1. Install MySecondLine and get registered.

2. Choose a country code and get your phone number.

3. Sign up for Chime using the MySecondLine phone number

4. On the settings tab, click Receive Verification Code

5. Follow through with the process to get your Chime verified

6. Keep your MySecondLine subscription to keep your number active.

7. Contact the app support anytime for any queries

Customer Review

Never mix your business transactions with your ones even if you are only running a small business. I use MySecondLine to run my business. It is super helpful. Not only that I get to use Chime and any other apps without interfering with my private number, but I can also separate my lines of communication. I would always turn off my virtual number when I need to wind up from work.

Billy Jansen - Start-Up Entrepreneur

MySecondLine is very convenient and easy to use. I tried it for fun and planned to delete it after a while. As it turns out, I am still keeping my virtual number active. It is even better than a regular mobile number.

Gina Meadow - Street Performer

At first, I was reluctant to use Chime. It was still very new then, so I have concerns about privacy and data security. I signed up only after I discovered MySecondLine.

Stanley Weber - Retiree

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay again if I want to use the MySecondLine number for something else?

No need for that. You only get to pay $9.99 to use your virtual number seamlessly. 

Chime sometimes sends SMS notifications for my transaction activity. Can I receive them via MySecondLine number?

Of course, you can! MySecondLine works like a regular mobile number. You can even make calls, block numbers, and many other more.

Can I lock a phone number only for myself?

Every virtual number from MySecondLine is unique and exclusive for one user only. So yes, your number will be locked only for you to use.

How long can I keep the number?

You can keep it forever if you want. Your virtual number will stay active if your subscription to MySecondLine is still active.

What if I forget to renew my subscription?

We will send you a notification before the due date to remind you about the subscription renewal. We also recommend you to upgrade as an annual plan this way your number will always be active.