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Finding great deals before your paycheck arrives is no longer a problem. With Zilch, you can make all the purchases and deal with the payment later. This platform partners with plenty of popular retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. Even better, you can collect Zilch Rewards through referrals and use them to pay for your purchases. 

Phone Verification for Zilch

Taking advantage of Zilch services is easy because the platform only runs a soft credit check. The whole registration process will not take much time, but you have to do a phone verification as one of the steps. There is no way Zilch can grant you services before completing your verification.

Why Does Zilch Require Phone Verification?

To Keep Your Account Safe

Hackers and other malware like to target unverified accounts because they are too easy to breach. Thus, verifying your account will enhance the security of your account.

To Send Billings and Notification

Sometimes, Zilch needs to give you notifications regarding your transactions and many other things. The system mostly will send those to your mobile number via SMS.

To Prevent Irresponsible Customers

Zilch needs to prevent people who buy things but do not pay later on. Getting each user verified will make sure everybody can be held accountable.

Legal Requirement for Financial Apps

It is against the law to conduct anonymous transactions. As a financial app, Zilch must have all users identified properly.

When Does Zilch Ask for Phone Number Verification?

The First Time You Register

As regulated by law, you can’t start using the Zilch service before completing your first phone verification on the platform.

When You Log Back In

You should do phone verifications again if you log in from a new device or new location, or if you turn on the two-factor authentication mode.

Purchase Transaction Confirmation

Some purchases may also demand you to do another round of verification to confirm that the transaction is purely intentional.

System Recovery and Maintenance

The system will also ask for verification again as a recovery attempt after a system error. It may also happen sometimes for security maintenance.

Phone Number Options for Zilch Verification

The Mobile Number You Usually Use

Some people may find this option bothersome because all the notifications get mixed with other messages in their inboxes. Not to mention the privacy concerns.

Dual SIM-Solution Contract and Plans

Having two active SIM cards might be impractical and costly. Very few people will take this option because it is not worth it.

Get A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

The most recommended option is spending $9.99 on MySecondLine to get you a virtual mobile number. It can bring many more benefits than other options you have at hand.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Zilch Verification?

Goes Well on Zilch’s System

MySecondLine system is so well-built that it is compatible with almost every app and website, including Zilch. None of our clients ever failed in their phone verification on this platform.

Plenty of Functions to Use

Besides getting verification on online platforms, you can also use your virtual numbers for many other things, such as calls, messages, voicemails, and many other forms of communication.

Incredibly Affordable

You only need to pay $9.99 for the subscription fee and nothing more. Every function you use on MySecondLine will not get charged, no matter how often you use it.

Works Anywhere You Are

Virtual numbers from MySecondLine are not bound by locations. Regardless of the country code you choose, all numbers will work fine anywhere as long as your device has a stable internet connection.

Retain Your Privacy

Using your virtual mobile number on Zilch means your private number will stay private. You can also use MySecondLine for any non-private communication. There is no need to worry about getting exposed to the internet.

Adjust Your Active Period

There will be no sudden expiration on your virtual number as long as your subscription is on. Thus, you can decide how long you want to keep your number, delete it, or change it to a brand new number.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Get MySecondLine installed and create an account
  2. Choose a country code and retrieve a virtual number with it
  3. Use your new number to register on Zilch
  4. Go to the menu Receive Verification Code in Settings
  5. Input the code to Zilch to get your account verified
  6. Keep your MySecondLine subscription to keep your number
  7. Contact our customer care for any problems or questions.

Customer Review

Having a separate line for transactions and payment notifications makes it much easier to manage my finances. Now I can buy all the things I want without missing due dates!

Kimmy Bell, Housekeeper

I totally recommend using MySecondLine for anything that is not private communication. It is easier to block unwanted contacts or turn them off when you don’t want to get disturbed, yet you will not miss any important notifications for

Huda Fahri, Senior Lawyer

Zilch is helpful, but I am not comfortable exposing my private number to the internet world. Having a virtual number from MySecondLine is the best solution.

Cindy Shirlington, Waitress

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people from Zilch contact me on my private mobile number?

No way. If you only use MySecondLine on Zilch, then your private number will not be recorded in the system.

How many Zilch accounts can I make using my virtual number?

Each person can only have one Zilch account to prevent accumulating debts. However, you can use your virtual numbers to register for other apps.

What can I do if my verification is not successful?

We suggest you get a more reliable internet connection and try again. If it still does not work, please contact us. Our support team will look into your problem and assist you until the verification is completed.

How many phone numbers can I get?

Each MySecondLine account can generate one virtual number that you can change anytime. If you need multiple numbers, you can subscribe to multiple MySecondLine accounts. Kindly contact us if you need a special price for bulk purchases.

Can I use it when I travel to other countries?

You can go anywhere in the world and use your virtual number with no problem.