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Running a business has never been the same if you have Zoho. This technology offers customization, automation, and seamless integration of many B2B activities. Explore all the tools you can incorporate into your business platform to manage your vendors and other stakeholders more efficiently. Zoho is the innovation you need to improve your business productivity and growth.

Phone Verification for Zoho

As with any other trustworthy platform, Zoho also requires phone verification from time to time. Thus, you should prepare a mobile phone number that stays active as long as you still use Zoho services. It is impossible to pass through a phone verification with a fake number because the Zoho system will detect it right away and block you. Even worse, there are chances you will permanently lose access to your account if you keep trying to cheat the system.

Why Does Zoho Require Phone Verification?

Acquiring the Authority of Your Account

Holding your Zoho account means holding a part of your business management. Hence, you need to keep your authority on it to prevent other people from stealing your account and ruining your business. Phone verification is the easiest way a system can confirm your authority as the account owner.

Keeping Out Malicious Accounts

Bots and malware are unable to pass through a phone verification, so they can’t make accounts on Zoho. Furthermore, people with malicious intentions may also think twice before conducting crimes on Zoho because all users can be identified.

Growing Trust Within the Community

With no suspicious or dangerous accounts in Zoho, business people find it safe to explore the ecosystem and use all the features it offers. It will make you feel secure to connect with other stakeholders through Zoho because you know they are trustworthy.

When Does Zoho Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Starting An Account

The first time you create an account on Zoho will lead you to your first phone verification. Zoho will only approve your account and let you start exploring its features after your verification is completed.

On Some Logins

Logging in may also need a phone verification sometimes. It usually happens when you use a new device, be in a new location, or have the two-factor authentication mode activated.

When Recovery is Required

A system error or forgotten password may forcefully log you out of your account. For the recovery, Zoho will only let you sign back in if you can complete another round of verification through the mobile number associated with your account.

Notification for Suspicious Activities

Any unusual activity on Zoho will make the system suspicious. To prevent criminal acts, Zoho will then ask for a phone verification to confirm your authority and intention of said activity.

Phone Number Options for Zoho Verification

Your Main Mobile Phone

Yes, this number is valid for Zoho verification. However, using a personal phone number for a business platform may cause you to lose privacy.

An Extra SIM Card 

Having another SIM card for business may practically help, but it is not worth it economically. SIM cards are expensive if you want to keep them active for the long term.

MySecondLine App

Using MySecondLine is cheaper and still allows you to keep your privacy. The app may also bring you other advantages to explore.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Zoho Verification

Great for Zoho and More

MySecondLine has a secure and robust technology that makes it compatible with the system on Zoho. You can also use your virtual number on most other trustworthy online platforms. 

Retain Your Work-Life Balance

Keeping the phone numbers for your work and life separated allows you to set a clear boundary between the two. It is easy to enjoy your life by turning your business mobile number off temporarily.

Cost-Efficient Yet Secure

Spending $9.99 for a virtual line saves a lot of money than if you use another SIM card number. Yet impressively, MySecondLine has advanced security protocols so you don’t need to worry about getting your data violated.

 Adjustable Active Period

Set how long you want your virtual number to stay active. Delete your number anytime when you don’t want it anymore, or even change it to a brand new number. It only takes a few seconds to do so in the MySecondLine app.

Any Location is Fine

Regardless of the country code you choose, you can use your virtual number in any location. The only thing you need to keep MySecondLine working is a reliable internet connection on your device.

Reliable Customer Care Team

You can contact our customer care anytime you have problems or questions, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Our team will also assist you until your concerns are fully settled.

How to Do Phone Verification with MySecondLine App

  1. Install and sign up for MySecondLine.
  2. Generate a virtual number from a country code you choose.
  3. Sign up to Zoho using that virtual number.
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting menu.
  5. Input the code back to Zoho to verify your account.
  6. Update your subscription plan to retain your number.
  7. Contact our app support anytime you need.

    Customer Review

    Having a separate phone line for business gives me space for privacy. I believe anyone should try using MySecondLine for Zoho and other business-related communications just like how I have been doing. It feels awesome!

    Miranda Lim, Etsy Craft Vendor

    MySecondLine is good not only for Zoho but for all the online platforms I registered for. My private number never gets spammed or disturbed in any way because of this.

    Clarissa Tate, Freelancer

    The first time I tried Zoho, I used my personal mobile number for my account. It was overwhelming how the notifications and personal messages got mixed up in my inbox. After changing it with a virtual number from MySecondLine, all notifications are neatly pooled in the app so my main inbox gets private again.

    Hansel Thompson, Business Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I need to adjust to keep my virtual number working when I am aboard?

    Nothing. Just keep your device connected to the internet, and your virtual number will work fine all the time.

    Will there be anyone who has the same virtual number as mine?

    No. Each virtual number from MySecondLine is unique. We never create duplicate numbers.

    Can people contact me directly on MySecondLine if they don’t have the same app?

    Anyone can contact your virtual number the same way they do with conventional mobile numbers. They don’t need to have the app.

    How to get an annual plan? Is it cheaper?

    An annual plan is cheaper and more convenient to retain your virtual number. You can get it from the subscription setting in your account.

    How to contact your support if I have any questions?

    Kindly visit the Contact Us page on our website.