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Get the tastiest meals in your area from BigFoodie, especially if you crave authentic cuisines. Not only is the platform convenient to use, but it also offers exclusive discounts that no other platform has. With its excellent pricing system, BigFoodie doesn’t charge a high commission from vendors, thus allowing their businesses to grow. 

Phone Verification for BigFoodie

Signing up on BigFoodie requires you to do a phone verification before the platform approves your account. For this step, you need to provide a valid mobile number. The BigFoodie system will send you a unique code via SMS. You should type the code back into the app to complete your verification.

Why Does BigFoodie Require Phone Verification

Completing Your Identity Information

BigFoodie requires each of its users to have a clear identity, so you have to provide complete information to join the community.

Contact Details for Delivery

The mobile number you provide is also useful for the drivers and vendors to contact you if they need to discuss something regarding your delivery order.

Preventing Scammers and Bots

Bots and users with malicious intentions can be easily filtered with a phone verification method. Therefore, many platforms conduct this step in their registration procedure, including BigFoodie.

When Does BigFoodie Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Initial Signing Up Process

The first time you sign up for BigFoodie will also require to do your initial phone verification. There is no way to bypass this. Using bogus numbers will not work either.

Sometimes During Log In

The verification will be necessary only if you log in from a new device or location. You also will have to do it anytime you log in if you activate the two-factor authentication mode.

Account Error Recovery

The next time your account experiences a system error, BigFoodie will conduct another round of phone verification to restore it. You can access your account back in a few seconds after verifying the new code.

Delivery Notices

BigFoodie always gets you updated on the progress of your order, especially when the driver is on their way to deliver. Sometimes, they will contact you on your mobile number for this.

Phone Number Options for BigFoodie Verification

The Mobile Phone You Usually Use

Because there will be plenty of drivers and vendors who may need to contact you, many BigFoodie users don’t find it comfortable to use their private mobile numbers for this.

Dual Sim Cards on A Phone

Using another SIM card for online delivery may give you privacy on your main number. However, this option may be quite costly.

A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

MySecondLine can function like another SIM card, yet it is much more affordable. Plus, it also offers extra advantages and convenience.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for BigFoodie Verification

Works Well for BigFoodie

With a secure and robust system, MySecondLine can generate a reliable virtual number that many online platforms can accept, including BigFoodie.

Many Features to Explore

MySecondLine can do all the functions that conventional mobile numbers do. They are much easier to use because you can explore them all in one app.

Retain Your Privacy

Using your virtual number for BigFoodie means you don’t need to expose your private mobile number. If anyone disturbs you on your virtual number, you can simply block them.

Available Anywhere

Although your virtual number has a specific country code, it will still work fine regardless of where you are located. You can even use it abroad.

Keep Your Number Active

Your virtual number will not expire as long as your subscription is on. It is also possible to delete and change your number. Thus, you can decide how long you want to keep it.

Reliable Support

Any problem or question you have can be addressed promptly. Kindly contact our support team anytime you need.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Install MySecondLine and register an account.
  2. Generate a virtual number with a country code of your choice.
  3. Register to BigFoodie with your new virtual number.
  4. Open the menu Receive Verification Code in Setting.
  5. Input the code to BigFoodie to verify your account
  6. Stay subscribing to MySecondLine to retain your number.
  7. Contact our customer care for any problems or questions.

Customer Review

If you consider being a driver or vendor in BigFoodie, I highly suggest using MySecondLine to register. That way you can have your private life undisturbed.

Hasan Akbar, Restaurant Owner

MySecondLine is so satisfying. It is inexpensive, yet I can do many things securely with it. I 100% would recommend it to anyone.

Boris Thorne, Business Executive

Ever since I used my virtual number for an online platform, I feel so peaceful and comfortable. I can easily turn off MySecondLine or delete my virtual number every time I want to be undisturbed. My mom will not complain because my private number is still active.

Gwendoline Summer, College Student

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it charge to make phone calls?

MySecondLine does not charge you for anything you use your number for. The only bill we charge is the subscription fee of $9.99.

Can I block people from BigFoodie after my order is finished to avoid harassment?

Of course, you can. Open the MySecondLine app to get it done. 

Will my virtual number instantly stop working when my subscription ends?

Yes, it will. But, we will send you a reminder to renew your subscription plan a few days before your due date.

Can I also use the number to verify other apps to keep my privacy?

Sure, you can. MySecondLine is compatible with almost all online websites and applications.