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Call Forwarding

Set up a call forwarding feature in our Business Phone System dashboard, and extend the communication service of your company. Our Business Phone System includes extra features that go along with the MySecondLine app, designed to give you and your clients an exquisite experience.

How Does It Work

Easy to set up!

All you need to do is set up the call forwarding feature in the Business Phone System dashboard, and all of your calls will get forwarded to any number you want.

Forward your calls to your app number!

Purchase a number from the MySecondLine app, and receive all your calls in your second number. Also, by using our app, you can transfer calls to the team number, so you never miss a client again.

Get a second number from us, and forward your call to your first number!

Our call forwarding feature allows you to transfer calls from one number to another and even from a landline.

How We Benefit You


Creating business intelligence

If you want to know where your clients are calling from, enable tracking, and then decide if their location is suitable for your business or not.


Flexible communication at any time!

Enjoy the freedom of working outside of your office or take an extended lunch break by forwarding the landline calls to your app. By doing this, you will always be available for your clients’ needs.


Forward the clients' calls to the team number!

The more people receive the phone call, the greater the chances are that someone will pick up the phone. Call forwarding to a team number is your best bet that your clients will always get the treatment they deserve!

Customer Stories


I forward my calls to the team and let them do the job!

OMG, the Business Phone System is so easy to use, and I forward all my calls to the team number when I’m on vacation. Plus, when an employee needs a day off, they can forward the calls to their colleagues because they share the same team number.

Philip Rubinstein, Company Executive


Tracking phone calls from my phone!

I forward all the advertisement calls to my sales team number, so we can track where they’re coming from and decide whether we want to invest further. It’s safe, easy to use, and it boosts our company income!


Eve Lamar, Art Trader


Forwarded the office landline to my app!

Since the pandemic started, all of our employees work remotely, so we transfer the office landline calls from our clients to the team number, so they can do the same job from home, and stay safe!


Michael O’Donnell, Entrepeneur

Users Love Us

“The Business Phone System is the best thing that happened to my company. I forward all my calls to my employees and have free time to spend with my family.”

“If you want to spend less time in the office and enjoy being out of town, then get this phone system app, and never lose a call from a client.” 

“How not to love this app if it doesn’t let you miss a single call from work? Install it asap and watch your company grow overnight!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can forward calls from your app number to your cell phone.

Yes. You can forward calls from your app number to your cell phone.

Can I forward calls from my app's second number to a couple of landline numbers?

Yes. You can forward calls to the landline numbers you want.

Can I forward calls from my landline numbers to my app's second number?

First of all, you need to import your landline numbers to our system. Then you can forward it to the second number. Contact us for more details.

How many people can receive the forwarded call?

Depending on the number of team members you’ve added to the team number, up to twenty employees can receive the forwarded call. If you need more, you can contact us.

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