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Fake Number

Fake phone numbers are temporary, virtual numbers generated by online apps & services that can receive SMS messages and verification codes for calls you make through them. Calls to a fake number are forwarded to the phone or mobile device assigned. The number is functional for some time before it gets deactivated.

When Do You Need a Fake Number?

They can be beneficial in certain situations. If you have an emergency, it may not work for that, but if there is something more than just the basics like registering your account on a website or getting access to new credit cards, this could come in handy!

Switching Places

Maybe you’re moving to a different area or even another country. It might be wise to pick up an extra phone number before your big move in these cases.

Online Dating 

Online dating is a common practice, but it does carry certain risks, especially for women. The use of fake numbers provides an extra layer of protection that you can’t find anywhere else.

International Travel

You might want to use it when traveling abroad and save extra charges on your real phone number.

Business Accounts

You can use our Fake Number to set up your business accounts for Paypal, Stripe, Paybright, Chime, and more. Besides, it can be used for international business, for instance, opening accounts in the US, UK, HK, SG, etc.

Job Hunt

If you’re looking for a new job, it’s normal to get contacted by many people. Ensure that the phone number on your caller ID is tied back with this search before picking up.


You can easily register for an online e-commerce account with a fake number. When buying or selling something, not having to deal with pesky calls once your business is done makes life so much easier.

Getting Blocked

You can’t always get hold of your loved ones when they block you, but don’t worry – there’s an easy way around it. Call through a fake number.

How Can We Get Fake Number?

You can get the fake number by

How We Benefit You

Receive Verification SMS All the Time

You can receive verification texts and codes on paid fake numbers. In the case of free fake numbers, you can’t receive verification SMS and codes. We have better partnerships with carriers, so your paid fake phone number is more reliable than other companies.

Avoid Being Blacklisted

In addition to being full of pesky advertisements or other distractions while trying to use their site (not to mention constant pop-ups), most free fake numbers don’t work. As they will be abused and used by many people, they will be blacklisted and becomes unusable. However, you won’t experience any such issue with paid fake numbers.

No Ads/Pop-Ups

There is no such thing as a “free lunch.” Most sites that offer this service come with ugly ads, and the experience only gets worse from there. We provide a clean and easy experience as a premium service.

Enhanced Security

We all know how important our mobile devices are these days, but have you ever thought about the security risks? Your phone number is just as susceptible to hackers! Imagine if someone hacked into your Tinder or PayPal account because they had access to one of those “free” fake numbers. Our paid number guarantees that only you can access the number and it’s fully secure.

Customer Satisfactions

Emily Jones, Creative Writer

I never used to share my actual number on an online dating app, and because of that, it wasn’t that useful. But with Fake Number, online dating has become safe and more accessible for me. I can share it with others without any privacy concerns. 

John Davis, Businessman

The fake number comes very handy, especially when logging in to an app like WhatsApp. As a business owner, I want to spread the word through messaging while keeping my identity secret

David Whitlock, Entrepreneur

I wanted multiple PayPal accounts because of my global business. And with Fake Numbers, it has become so easy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fake number support receive online SMS verification?

Yes, our fake number supports many websites. See the following answer for more information.

Which website does it support receiving verification codes?

Go to this page to find out more.

How much does it charge to get a fake number?

It charges $9.99 to get a fake number. Go here to get started. 

How long can I use the number?

You can choose the time as per your wish. It can be one week or one month, or even one year. Besides, you can cancel the subscription anytime when you no longer require it.

Can I choose different countries for fake phone numbers?

Yes, of course. It supports US, CA, UK, AU, DK, FI, NL, CZ, SE, etc.

Can I get many fake numbers at the same time?

Yes, you can get multiple fake numbers at the same time. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Can I make the fake number permanently belong to myself?

Yes, you can choose or upgrade to an annual plan and keep the subscription always active.