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International calls and messages

Keep communication on the highest level by enabling our premium service for international calls and messages. More affordable than ever before, our revolutionary feature offers a credit that you can use at any time!

How Does It Work

Enable this feature and talk to 150+ countries!

By enabling our premium feature, you can reach over 150 countries around the world and never worry about expensive roaming fees for international calls and messages.

Easy as pie to buy credit!

Buy as much credit as you need, and enjoy endless talks with your folks or colleagues abroad. The more credit you buy, the more benefits you get! 

The most affordable on the market!

Our competitive prices brought us to the top of the international calls and messages service, and we must share the benefits with you!

How We Benefit You


Forget about disturbing roaming charges!

Our feature brings joy to your travels! You won’t have to see the overpriced roaming texts ever again by simply enabling our International calls and messages service.


Stay tuned wherever you are!

Never miss connecting with your coworkers overseas and keep in touch with friends and family while working abroad. Our International calls and messages feature allows you to stay tuned! 


Low-cost calls all around the world!

Our outstanding feature supports low-cost calls and messages in 150+ countries around the world. Enable our premium service and make expensive phone bills past.

Customer Stories


My clients appreciate the frequent calls!

Owning an overseas business and having coworkers and clients on the other side of the world is not an easy task as it requires constant communication, which can be a problem with the high mobile service costs. Since I’ve installed the MySecondLine app, I can run my company from a distance and stay on top of every task!

Mia Chen, pipeline company owner


I talk to my parents in India every day!

I am a medicine student, and I left India two years ago to come to the U.S. At first, I couldn’t afford to call back home every day, while now I can talk to my parents every time I want and keep in touch with all of my friends and relatives.

Sriram Raghavan, a medicine student


France seems like two-feet away!

Our daughter got married in France, and it was expensive calling her from Ohio. Then I heard about this app, and now we are night and day on the phone with her.

Mary Doyle, a housewife from Ohio

Users Love Us

“I talk to international clients on the phone, and my e-business is skyrocketing since I got the app. I save money on credit, and the more credit I buy, the more minutes I get.”

“I never felt this comfortable about calling my boyfriend in Thailand and stay for hours on the phone with him. Low cost, great coverage, and easy to enable!”

“I travel a lot for work, so keeping in touch with my friends is essential for me. I add as much credit as I need when I’m away, and make sure I never miss a birthday call ever again!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any roaming charges with this feature?

No. Our International calls and messages feature is free of roaming charges and works with credit.

How much credit can I add to my second number?

As much as you want, depending on your needs.

Do I get benefits if I add more credit?

Yes. The more credit you buy, the more discount we offer

Are charges the same for every country?

No. We have a different pricing list for each country on the list.

Are the charges the same if I call from the U.S. and if I call from abroad?

Yes, it will be the same. You can use wifi to connect and the app is just like your phone!

Our Pricing


Get the most for your cash!

By a higher credit and win more money for International calls and messages.

  • Get started with $50 credits.
  • Get a $100 credit and it’s worth $120.
  • Get a $200 credit and it’s worth $300.

The more you buy, the more discount you get.


Different call rates for each country!

We offer different call and message rates for 150+ countries around the world. Check our detailed rates on this page!


Pay as much as you need!

You can buy as much credit as you want, depending on your needs. Choose a $50, $100, or a $200 credit service and never stop talking with your international friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Enjoy international communication like never before