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Security and Privacy

Our Security and Privacy policy will secure your data and protect your privacy. Enjoy ultimate security of personal and business information, and leave the hard work to us! 

How Does It Work

Highest data security standards!

We are fully compliant with the data privacy policy (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, CPRA – California Privacy Rights Act) and follow strict guidelines to protect your personal and business information.

Get your money back in 30 days!

If you want to cancel our policy and do not find it useful, you can get a full refund within 30 days!


We safely store MySecondLine and Business Phone System data on the world’s leading high-security cloud systems provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), based in the U.S. 

Secure Payment

Our online payment complies with the PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and uses Stripe, Paypal, the most secure payment processors.

App Distribution

You can get our app through Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and an HTML5 application. 


Your data is fully secured and managed with an automatic backup system that ensures 24/7 availability and security. 

Data Privacy

We encrypt all data in transit with the highest-quality industry-standard cryptographic protocol, SSL, so all connections between networks and servers are secure. We support HTTPS for interactions with browsers.


Our service uptime has been 100% and will always be at least 99.9999% based on AWS SLA. We use various internal tools to monitor availability and performance. 

How We Benefit You


Enjoy the highest level of security and data protection!

We work under the highest security levels and data protection regulations compliant with all national and international security guidelines.  


Delete your data whenever you want!

We can delete your data from our system at any time upon your request. 


Risk-free option for ultimate security!

You can ask for a full refund within 30 days if you no longer wish to use this service. 100% guarantee!


Leave all the worries to us!

We will provide you with multiple data backup options and reliable server cloud storage.

Customer Stories


I got my money back without any problem!

I paid for Security and Privacy policy while using it for my business, and it was all fine until I needed to cancel the service after 20 days and ask for a refund. Due to personal issues, I needed to stop my start-up business and then got a full refund, which has never happened with another app. I will contact these guys again for sure as soon as I reactivate my business. 

Rob Gibbons, start-up business owner


All data deleted upon a request!

Whenever I decided to have all my data removed from their system, they did so immediately after my request. I feel secure when sensitive data that I no longer need disappears from the server permanently whenever I request it. 

Wanita Hannity, medical insurance agent


Hats off to this Security and Privacy master!

I have been working in web security for 24 years now, and I have not experienced such a high level of data protection ever! The way this policy operates is admirable, and I could not think of a better app to recommend! 

Thomas Huddersfield, web security expert

Users Love Us

“Never had problems with my data security since I am using this app.”

“I know that my confidential data gets full protection with this policy, and I never worry about my business information.”

“Do not think twice before getting this superb security and privacy option. I recommend it everywhere I go.”

Highest Security and Privacy – the Ultimate Solution for you!