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With the rising concerns of internet privacy and data breach issues, Signal comes with top-notch encryption. Dubbed as the most secure messaging app, it does not take long for Signal to be popular. Besides sending texts, the app has many features such as file sharing, multimedia sharing, group video calls, and many other things.

Phone Verification for Signal

Similar to any other app, Signal also requires phone verification on its registration. Without it, the app will not allow you to use its features, let alone communicate with people using the platform. You can’t bypass the verification step regardless.

Why Does Signal Require Phone Verification?

Extra Security

A verified account is harder to attack by any type of malware. The verification will also detect and block accounts with malicious features.

User Identification

The system on Signal must identify each user, and a phone number is just a part of the user identity. The data will let the system recognize your profile.

Account Protection

People may lose their accounts for various reasons; system errors, hackers, forgotten passwords, etc. Fortunately, you can easily claim your account back if you have a verified phone number on the database.

When Does Signal Ask for Phone Number Verification?


Phone verification is already necessary since your first step into the Signal system. The platform will not even let you enter its ecosystem before your phone verification is all done.


Going back into the system will also require verification sometimes, especially if you activate the two-factor authentication or if you log in using a new device.

Change Password

Signal needs to confirm if it is the actual account owner who attempts to edit or reset your password. Phone verification is the most efficient way to gain that confirmation.

Account Errors

If somehow you got logged out of your account due to system errors, Signal will ask for a phone verification to allow you to get your account back.

What Can You Use for Signal Phone Verification?

Use Your Mobile Number

A Conventional Mobile Number

The mobile phone you use every day can work for Signal verification. It is effortless and free to do so. However, it also means that your privacy will be compromised.

A Free Fake Online Number

Fake numbers usually carry malware. They may also have duplications, so other people may have the chance to log in to your Signal account and take over it permanently.

A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

This type of number is 100% secure to use not only for Signal verification but also for many other things you want to do with it. The $9.99 you would have to pay will be worth it.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Signal Verification?

Easy Usage

MySecondLine has a clean interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate around the system and use all the features offered.

Works Every Time

The virtual numbers from MySecondLine are legit so they will never get blocked from any platform. Even Signal can approve this type of mobile number into its super-secure infrastructure.


No Unexpected Expiration

Your virtual number will expire only if your subscription ends. Hence, you can prevent it simply by renewing your subscription. It is even possible to set an automatic renewal to keep your number.

Flexible Location

Use the phone number anywhere in this world because a virtual number is not tied to a specific location. Choose any country code you want, and MySecondLine will still work the same.


More than just for phone verification on online platforms, MySecondLine can also work for any form of communication you usually do with your conventional mobile phones, such as calling, texting, and many others.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and get youself registered.
  2. Choose a country code and get your virtual number.
  3. Register to Signal using the MySecondLine number
  4. Find Receive Verification Code in the Setting section.
  5. Input the code to get your Signal verified
  6. Keep your subscription on to keep your number.
  7. Contact the app support anytime for any queries

Customer Review

Signal is the safest and most private messaging platform for now. With MySecondLine, I can improve safety and privacy even more. Needless to say, I also use my virtual number on other platforms.

Owena Langden, Software Engineer

MySecondLine is always my get-go phone number for business matters because I don’t want to mix it with my private line of communication. My virtual number has been working amazingly all these times. Best $9.99 I have ever spent this year!

Cindy Zhu, Makeup Artist

Being constantly on mobile is exhausting because you have to readjust your phone number every time you land on a flight. Thanks to MySecondLine, I no longer need to do anything to keep my phone number working.

Xavier Lopez, Journalist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it private to use MySecondLine and protect my privacy?

With top-notch security protocols in our system, your virtual number from MySecondLine is private and secure to use.

How long can I use the number for the Signal App?

You can use it forever if you keep renewing your subscription plan when it is almost expired.

How much do I have to pay for other functions?

There will be no a la carte charges. The only thing you must pay is the subscription plan of $9.99. Then, you are free to use the number for anything for as much as you need.