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Fashion enthusiasts with low budgets can look into Temu. Tons of fashion items, cosmetics, and beauty stuff are widely available at affordable prices because many products come straight from factories and warehouses. Of course, Temu also provides top-notch convenience and safety for all buyers and sellers.

Phone Verification for Temu

A registration to Temu may include a phone verification process, which later will happen again every now and then. Hence, it is necessary to prepare a mobile number that stays active. There is no way to trick the system to avoid using a mobile phone number in Temu. A cheating trick may only cause Temu to block you permanently.

Why Does Temu Require Phone Verification?

Bot Prevention

Interestingly, bots are not able to pass a phone verification. Thus, this simple process is effective to filter them out.

User Accountability

Temu needs to identify every seller and buyer in the system to keep all the transactions legit and hold them accountable for any problems that may occur.

System Security Support

A digital platform will generally be a lot safer if it does phone verifications regularly on its users. Besides Temu, many other platforms do it as well.

When Does Temu Ask for Phone Number Verification?

On Registration

During registration, Temu will ask you to provide the mobile number to verify your profile and many other things. 

On Logging In Sometimes

Logging in also requires verification if your account has the two-factor authentication method on or if you use a new device. 

When Editing Sensitive Credentials

To avoid mistakenly editing crucial information on your account data, Temu will use verification for you to confirm the data.

Purchase Transaction Confirmation

Sometimes, Temu will ask for a phone verification when you are buying something to ensure that the transaction is not malicious.

What Can You Use for Temu Phone Verification?

Your Conventional Mobile Number

The mobile number you use every day may work for Temu. But, this choice may also cost you your privacy and data safety.

Getting A New SIM Card

Having another SIM card number for Temu may keep your private line safe from exposure. Unfortunately, this option is quite costly.

MySecondLine’s Virtual Mobile Number

While relatively cheaper, a virtual number from MySecondLine is acceptable for verifying your accounts on many platforms, including Temu.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Temu Verification?

Valid for A Phone Verification

While most online numbers are not acceptable on Temu, the virtual numbers from MySecondLine are always valid to pass through. Kindly contact us if your number gets rejected so we can make it work.

Secure Yet Affordable

MySecondLine is equipped with an advanced security system to stay safe from various risks. Our team also keeps up with the latest tech development to maintain it.

Many Useful Features

More than just the regular features of mobile numbers, MySecondLine also offers several extra functions that will be useful for private and business uses.

Worldwide Coverage

Any country code provided on MySecondLine has no actual location limitation. Your virtual numbers will work in any country in the world without roaming fees or any specific settings.

Adjust Your Number Availability

Each user is free to set how long their number will stay active by setting up their subscription plan. The app also allows you to delete or change your number instantly.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Get the MySecondLine app on your device and sign in.
  2. Create a virtual number from any country code available.
  3. Use the number to register on Temu
  4. Click Receive Verification Code in Settings.
  5. Use the code on Temu to verify your account.
  6. Set your subscription plan to keep your number.
  7. Contact our app support for any query.

Customer Review

My business has been growing well and I get to keep the work-life balance because I have been using MySecondLine to manage my business from day one. 

Grant Hamilton, Shoemaker

Besides phone verifications on marketplaces, I also use MySecondLine’s virtual assistant and other business features. The platform has been so much beneficial investment for my business. 

Zachary Warton, Seller on Temu

The drawback of buying stuff online is that a lot of people may keep your phone number. Fortunately, I can easily block unwanted contacts on MySecondLine. Sometimes I just change to a completely brand new number to start fresh. It is super convenient for a big-time online shopper like me.

Amara Mikami, Fashionista

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I use MySecondLine for registration and verification?

Almost any website and app can accept MySecondLine’s virtual numbers for the verification process. Feel free to inform us if your number gets rejected on a platform.

Can people contact me if they don’t have MySecondLine app?

Yes, they still can. People can contact you the same way they do conventional numbers. Even a landline phone can also reach your virtual number.

What should I do if my verification doesn’t work?

Try again in a few minutes when your internet is better. If the problem persists, kindly contact us and let us help you settle it.

How to keep my virtual number permanently?

Make sure to extend your subscription before it expires. It would be easier if you choose the annual package and set auto payment for the renewal.

Can I use the number to keep my privacy? 

Of course! Using MySecondLine means your main number doesn’t need to be exposed to the internet. Plus, your virtual number can also stay private.

Can I block unwanted promotion spam messages? 

Yes, you can block certain numbers to keep your privacy and peace. Open your MySecondLine app to do so.