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Being one of the best and largest dating platforms, Match.com is probably the perfect place for you to get a significant other. Available in more than 50 countries and 12 languages, you may have the chance to pair up with any single person from all across countries. About 200,000 people find love on this platform every year. Will you be any of those people this year?

Phone Verification for Match.com

Maintaining an account on Match.com requires you to have a mobile number verified in the system. You will need to do the phone verification from the first time you are registering and then again every once in a while. The number must be active and valid, or else the platform will not allow you to enter its system.

Why Does Match.com Require Phone Verification?

Claiming Your Account

Confirm your identity as the account owner by filling out the profile form and getting a phone number verified. It is necessary to prevent you from losing access to your account somehow.

Filtering Out Bogus Users

Bots and scammers will not be able to get through a phone verification system. Thus, Match.com can easily filter out malicious users from entering the community.

Improving Security

A verification makes the account harder for malware and hackers to breach. Your data will be much more secure and less prone to errors.

Better Dating Experience

Match.com needs your identity and profile to set you up with other singles that might be suitable for you. The more valid your data, the more interesting your potential matches will be.

When Does Match.com Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Registration Process

When entering your number during the registration process, the platform will ask to send you a verification code that you need to input back onto the system.

Login Attempts

Trying to log in using a new device or from a new location may require another round of phone verification so the system knows it is not a hacker attempt. 

Password Changes

Editing or resetting your password will also need a phone verification to prevent the actual account owner from losing access to their account.

Occasional Verifications

Another random verification may also occur occasionally. It is for the system to check whether your account is still active.

Phone Number Options for Match.com Verification

Your Usual Mobile Number

It is easy, but it can be annoying sometimes because it interferes with your privacy. Nobody likes getting bombarded with calls and texts after a date turns sour.

Free Bogus Number Online

Fake mobile numbers like that usually contain malware that may be dangerous. Even if your verification gets approved, the system will block you eventually.

MySecondLine Virtual Number

With only $9.99, MySecondLine can give you a virtual number that works. Use this number to verify your account on Match.com and other sites.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Match.com Verification

You can use the virtual number you get from MySecondLine permanently on your dating profile on any platform. Many other benefits as below may also entail:

Protect Your Privacy

No need to get your private number exposed if you have a disposable virtual number to use on dating sites.

Use As Needed

You are free to decide when to keep or delete your virtual number. You can even change your number if you don’t want the current one anymore.

Seamless Location

MySecondLine numbers work anywhere. You can choose any country code for your virtual number, and it will still work even if you are in a different country.

High Functionality

Anything your mobile number can do, MySecondLine numbers can too. Use it for anything you need; calls, texts, file sharing, voicemails, and many more.

Reliable Support

We have a customer care team that will always be ready to assist you with any trouble you have until it is all settled.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Install MySecondLine and get registered.
  2. Get your virtual number with the country code you want.
  3. Register to Match.com using the MySecondLine phone number
  4. Find the menu Receive Verification Code in the Setting section.
  5. Input the code to get your Match.com verified
  6. Keep subscribing MySecondLine to keep your number active.
  7. Contact the app support anytime for any queries

Customer Review

Using MySecondLine for match-making activities is a must! It is now easy to block all of those unwanted calls after a bad date.

Tatiana MacMillan, Violinist

I always use MySecondLine to register on every online platform. It doesn’t feel safe to use your actual mobile phone number, especially on dating sites.

Hugo Trench, Mechanical Engineer

Being a shy girl, I somehow don’t feel comfortable if I have to use my number for Match.com. Thank you, MySecondLine, for giving me a reliable alternative for that.

Marina Cortez, Professional Dancer

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if people from Match.com contact me on my virtual number?

If you are not comfortable with it, you can block the number. If blocking alone is not enough, you can delete your current virtual number and generate a brand new one.

Which platforms can accept the MySecondLine numbers for the phone verification?

Almost any platform can accept MySecondLine because our virtual numbers are secure and valid.

Should I use my regular phone number if the verification does not work?

No need. You can contact our customer care. We will assist you until your verification is successful.