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When casual dating gets boring, OkCupid will always be ready to facilitate your quest for a long-term partner. After filling out the form to explain what quality you expect for a lover, OkCupid will send you only people who truly match. No need to waste your time on bad dates anymore!

Phone Verification for OkCupid

Register on OkCupid anytime you are ready for a serious relationship. But before that, prepare a phone number to use on the platform. OkCupid will ask you to verify your phone number before you get to browse around for your match. It is one of the essential steps that you can’t skip in any way.

Why Does OkCupid Require Phone Verification?

Avoid Bogus Users

Bots and scammers are not welcomed in the system as they may harm other users. A phone verification method is always effective to block them out.

Enhance Security and Experience

The verification will add an extra layer of security to the system. With a safer environment, people can have a more satisfying dating experience.

Keep Your Account Safe

A verified account is much harder to hack. It also provides an easy fix if somehow you experience problems with your account.

When Does OkCupid Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Creating A Profile

OkCupid will ask for verification the first time you sign up and make a profile. Without a verified number, it will not allow you to enter its community.

Logging In

Coming back into the system may also require you to input the verification code, especially if you activate the two-factor authentication method.

Resetting Password

Forgetting your password is not a big deal because you can reset it in a few seconds. A phone verification might be necessary for the process.

Options for OkCupid Phone Verification

You can’t use any random number to verify your OkCupid account. It has to be an active and legit mobile number. Otherwise, you will get blocked by the system. Pick one of these two options to get yourself verified on OkCupid:

Your Regular Number

It is effortless and free of extra charge to use your regular mobile number on OkCupid. However, many people will not like this option because of privacy issues.

MySecondLine Virtual Number

Spend only $9.99, and you will get a legit mobile number you can use for OkCupid. This virtual number is effective to protect your privacy while also giving other advantages.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for OkCupid Verification

Acceptable by OkCupid

Because your virtual number from MySecondLine is not bogus, OkCupid will always accept your verification using it.

Has No Expiration Date

While your subscription is still on, your virtual number will stay active even if you are not using it. No need to worry about unexpected expiration!

Change Anytime

When you no longer feel comfortable with the number, you can open MySecondLine anytime to delete it and generate a new virtual number. 


Besides verifying accounts on online platforms, MySecondLine can also work for anything regular mobiles do, including calls, voicemails, and texts.

Country Code Options

MySecondLine offers several country codes to use on your virtual number. The number will work anywhere. You don’t have to be in the same location as the country code you choose.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and sign up for an account.
  2. Get your virtual number with the country code you want.
  3. Sign up on OkCupid using the MySecondLine number.
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting section.
  5. Input the code to get your OkCupid verified
  6. Keep subscribing to MySecondLine to keep your number.
  7. Contact the customer service anytime for any queries.

Customer Review

Yes, I wanted a serious relationship. But, before I get my soulmate, I will not reveal my actual mobile number to anyone on OkCupid. In the meantime, MySecondLine is reliable to help me communicate with the guys I am seeing.

Brenda Fulberg, Journalist

Call me old-fashioned, but giving away my phone numbers on online platforms is a big no for me. OkCupid and other apps are interesting, but I will not register to any of those unless I use MySecondLine for the phone verification.

Paul Truckers, Basketball Player

I got MySecondLine originally to have a separate line of communication so I can do my side hustles without getting it mixed up with my personal life. Things are great by then because of all of those features. I later found out I can also use it for phone verification, and I started to keep using it for that. It is awesome!

Jonas Phillips, Graphic Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I confirm my OkCupid without being in the right location of my phone’s country code?

Sure you can! Your virtual number will still be valid no matter where you are.

What should I do if my virtual number gets exposed somehow?

You can block any unwanted calls. If that is not enough, you can delete your current virtual number and generate a new one.

What should I do if I can’t receive my verification code?

Check your internet connection and try again. If it still doesn’t work, you can contact our customer care to get assistance until your problem is all settled.