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Discover countless choices of foods and beverages from your favorite vendors in the city. Anytime, FoodHub is ready to grab your order and get it delivered to your door. The best thing about this UK-based platform is that you will find plenty of interesting deals that are not available on any other platforms!

Phone Verification for FoodHub

If you have met the age criteria, you can install and sign up on ChumbaCasino anytime you want. Besides an ID to prove your age and identity, you will also need to provide a mobile number for the phone verification process. Similar to almost all legit apps, the verification process in ChumbaCasino is not something you can trick or bypass.

Why Does FoodHub Require Phone Verification?

Preventing Malicious Accounts

Fictive orders and any other malicious activities can bring disadvantages to other FoodHub users, drivers, or vendors.

Confirming Account Ownership

You need the FoodHub system to understand that you are the sole owner of that account, so nobody except you can access your account.

Communication Line

FoodHub will also use your mobile number if drivers or vendors need to contact you to discuss details regarding your order.

System Notifications and Delivery Notice

Crashes and errors may occur, and they may cause you to lose access to your account sometimes. Fortunately, most of them can be recovered easily and quickly with phone verification. 

Legal Requirements

As a legal gambling platform, ChumbaCasino must comply with laws. One of the legal mandates is to identify and verify each user registered in the system.

When Does FoodHub Ask for A Verification?

Signing Up

The first time you need to do a phone verification is when you sign up for an account. At this time, FoodHub will not approve your account registration before the verification is completed.

Logging In

Activating the two-factor authentication for safety reasons will require you to do another round of verification every time you log in. If this feature is inactive, you will need to do the verification only when logging in from a new device or a new location.

Unusual Activity

The system will also ask for another round of phone verification if it detects any unusual activities within your account.

Reset Password

Forgetting your password is not a big deal if you have verified your phone number. With another verification, it will take just a few minutes to access your account with a new password.

Ad-Hoc Verification

FoodHub will run a phone verification every once in a while. Besides maintaining system security, this method is also effective to detect inactive and invalid users.

What Can You Use for FoodHub Phone Verification?

Your Main Mobile Number

Many people use their main mobile number for FoodHub verification. Little did they know, it may risk their internet privacy and data safety. We will not recommend this option.

A Dual SIM Phone

If you have a dual-SIM phone, you can consider having a second number for FoodHub. However, this option might be rather costly.

MySecondLine App

Spend $9.99 for the subscription fee, and MySecondLine will give you a virtual mobile number to use as you wish, including for verifying your FoodHub account.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for FoodHub Verification?

Acceptable on FoodHub

Virtual numbers from MySecondLine are valid and compatible with the FoodHub system. Many of our clients have successfully proved it.

Protect Your Private Phone

Avoid your primary mobile number from getting exposed to Big Data. By using MySecondLine, your privacy will not be interfered with.

Works Everywhere

The country code on your virtual account works anywhere. You don’t need to be in a specific location to use MySecondLine.

Plenty of Features to Try

It takes only $9.99 to generate a virtual number and use all the features. Besides verifications, you can also have calls, texts, and many more.


You can install the MySecondLine app on almost any smartphone. It is also easy to navigate and use all the features due to its efficient interface.

How to Do Phone Verification using a Virtual Number

  1. Install the MySecondLine app and get signed up.
  2. Pick a country code to create a virtual number from it.
  3. Use the number to register on FoodHub
  4. Click the menu Receive Verification Code in Settings.
  5. Input the code to FoodHub to get your account verified.
  6. Keep subscribing MySecondLine to keep the number active.
  7. Contact us if you have problems or questions.

Customer Review

No more unwanted calls and texts from drivers or vendors anymore. With MySecondLine, I can block them right after the transaction is finished.

Elaine Sherry, Junior Chef

Never use your private number for something so exposed like app registration. I always use my virtual numbers for such purposes, so my personal number stays private.

Hadi Jaya, Computer Science Student

Receiving texts and calls can make me anxious. By directing all the non-private communications to MySecondLine, I feel more comfortable with ordering things online.

Sergei Windham, Comic Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

How many MySecondLine users have the same virtual number as me?

None. All virtual numbers from MySecondLine are unique and exclusive for each user.

Will my virtual number instantly expire if I fail to renew my subscription?

Yes, it will. Hence, we highly recommend getting an annual plan to avoid forgetting your renewal.

Can people contact me on my virtual number even if they don’t have MySecondLine?

Sure they can. Your virtual number works the same as regular mobile numbers.

Can I still use the number when I travel to other countries?

Of course, you can. All numbers from MySecondLine can work anywhere regardless of their country code.

Will this app text and call with WIFI?

Yes, it will. Just make sure the connection is strong and stable.