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Zip App

The new way of shopping is here. Zip allows you to browse and find the best deals for the goods you love. Buy everything you love and need, and then manage your payments later on. Connected to more than 26,000 retailers, this app makes it easier to get a grip on what you spend. You can also manage all of your bills on the Zip app.

Phone Verification for Zip App

Anyone is welcome to join Zip and enjoy the shopping experience it offers. But, before you can start using their services on the Buy Now Pay Later system, you must go through a phone verification procedure. It will not take long to finish as long as the phone number you provide is valid and active.

Why Does Zip App Require Phone Verification

Human Confirmation

Zip needs to ensure that every user is an actual human being, instead of malicious bots. A phone number verification is the most efficient method to make sure of it because bots are not capable of receiving and inputting verification codes.

Preventing Money-Related Crime

Financial service apps are prone to money-related crimes. Some of the most common examples are fraud, theft, money laundering, embezzlement, etc. With identity confirmed by the phone verification procedure, Zip can hold its users accountable for any malicious actions.

Keeping Your Account Safe

It will be easy for you to log in back to your account even after forgetting your password. Just use a phone verification code to reset and create a new password. Also, a verified account is much harder to hack.

When Does Zip App Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Signing Up

The first time you try to join Zip, you will need to fill out a form to make an account. After submitting the form, the platform will send you a verification code to your phone via SMS.

Making Big Transactions

Zip will ask for verification every time you try making a big transaction. It is such a necessary measure to prevent money-related crimes.

Editing Billing Details

Whether you want to input or edit your bank information, or any other activities regarding your payment details, Zip will always ask for verification to be safe.

Logging In Attempt

Sometimes the app will also ask for a verification code when you try logging in, especially if you do it from a new device or input the wrong password several times.

Options for Zip App Verification

For many people, using their mobile number is the only option to verify a Zip account. Little did they know they had another option they could consider.

Verify With Your Mobile Number

It may seem easy and practical because it is the phone number you can access every day. You don’t even need to spend any extra dollars on it. However, it also means less privacy on your phone..

Verify With MySecondLine

Spend $9.99 and get a virtual phone number from MySecondLine. You can use the number for various purposes, including verifying your Zip account.

Benefits of Using MySecondLine for Zip App Verification

It is such a relief to have another safe and convenient option to verify your account on Zip App. With just $9.99 to subscribe MySecondLine, you can reap all the benefits as belo from your virtual number!

Works All the Time

MySecondLine numbers are guaranteed to work. We have clients who are actively using Zip services using their virtual numbers without any problem.

Ease and Convenience

You can access and use the MySecondLine number from our app. The interface is simple and anybody can use it without any difficulties.

Use It Like A Mobile Number

Whatever you can do with your mobile number, you can do those too with your virtual number from MySecondLine.

Keep It Permanently to Yourself

Your number will never expire if the subscription is still active. Feel free to keep it as long as you want, and get it deleted only when you ask it.

Support Many Countries

MySecondLine provides numerous choices of country codes to use for your phone number. You don’t even have to be in that location.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

1. Install MySecondLine and register an account

2. Generate a virtual number with the country code you like

3. Register to Zip App using that virtual number

4. Go to the settings tab, find Receive Verification Code

5. Follow through with the process to get your Zip App verified

6. Keep your MySecondLine subscription to keep your number active.

7. Contact the app support anytime for any queries


Customer Review

“It can be embarrassing to receive bills on your phone and have your boyfriend see it. Using the MySecondLine number, I can now manage the messages I receive regarding my payment details. It is so convenient.”

Clara Blaise - Cashier

“I need separate accounts to manage my personal and business expenses. I have two MySecondLine numbers for the accounts. Of course, I also use them for everyday communication such as calling and messaging. I kinda feel the virtual numbers are more comfortable than the regular mobile ones.”

Alex Huntington - Caterer

“Zip is not available in my home country even though I am in the US most of the time. I bought a MySecondLine number and got a US number from it. Now, I have been using Zip actively for months. How solutive!”

Anuj Sharma - Export Businessman

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a different country code even though I am in a different location?

Yes, you can choose any country code regardless of your actual location. We have plenty of people who travel a lot using MySecondLine for this specific purpose.

My verification code doesn’t work. What should I do?

Try again after checking your internet connection. If your problem still persists, please contact our support team. We will assist you until your problems are all resolved.

Is it possible to change the number I get from MySecondLine?

Yes, it is. You can delete your current number first, and then generate a new number right afterward. You can even choose a different country code now from the previous one.