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Every fan of unique fashion should have Depop in their hands. This social e-commerce will connect you with plenty of other fashion crazes to sell and buy unique goods, from preloved to designer items. With a peer-to-peer system, you will be able to find other users with similar styles and tastes to you.

Phone Verification for Depop

Prepare an active mobile phone number to use for Depop. You will need it to go through a phone verification, a necessary step to get approved by the Depop system. There is no way to bypass this step. Even using a bogus phone to trick it is not possible. This process will happen again later every once in a while.

Why Does Depop Require Phone Verification?

Confirming Your Identity

Depop needs to make sure that each registered user is an actual human being with a clear identity. Thus, the system can recognize you as the account owner.

Preventing Scammers and Bots

Bots and other malicious systems cannot go through a verification step. By mandating this step, Depop can effectively filter out malicious accounts in its community.

Shipment and Invoice Credentials

Your mobile number is also necessary for many things regarding your transactions, including invoices, payment reports, and even shipping inquiries.

When Does Depop Ask for Phone Number Verification?


Initial Registration

The first time a phone verification is needed is right after you finish filling out the registration form. You will not be able to start exploring Depop before completing your verification.

Trying to Log In

The two-factor authentication will also require you to verify your phone number on every login. Without activating this feature, you will need the verification only if you log in from a new device or place.

Account Recovery

Gaining access back to your account after a system error or forgetting your password is easy and quick. Another round of phone verification will settle it in just a minute.

Payment and Transactions

Sometimes Depop will ask for one more phone verification when you make an unusual transaction. This is for the system to make sure that your transaction is truly intentional and valid.

Important Delivery Notice

Depop will report your delivery progress from time to time so you can keep track of your fashion items. While most notifications will come only on the Depop app, some important ones may also come to your mobile inbox.

Phone Number Options for Depop Verification

Your Main Mobile Phone

Using your main phone number for e-commerce communication and data might not be ideal because of data safety and privacy concerns.

Another Plan on A Dual-SIM Phone

Having another SIM card on your phone may keep your privacy with your main number. Unfortunately, it is not cheap to keep two mobile numbers active.

A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

MySecondLine charges you $9.99 to give you one virtual number to use for many things, including a phone verification for Depop.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Depop Verification?

Always Acceptable for Depop

None of our clients ever got rejected when verifying their mobile numbers using MySecondLine. You can contact our support if you have problems with your verification step so we can take care of it.

Lots of Functions to Use

MySecondLine offers all the functions you can do with a conventional mobile number. Even better, those functions are easier to use with the app’s straightforward and clean interface.

Keep Your Private Life

No need to get your main mobile number exposed and disturbed. By using MySecondLine on Depop, nobody from the community can find a way to contact you on your private line.

Works Anywhere

You can choose any country code for your virtual account because all of them will work anywhere regardless of your actual location.

No Sudden Expiration

Virtual numbers from MySecondLine will never expire as long as you keep your subscription active. It is also easy and quick to delete or change your number.

Guaranteed Security

Rest assured that MySecondLine will not put your data at harm. With our top-notch security protocols, your confidentiality will be our number one priority.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Get MySecondLine installed and sign up.
  2. Pick a country code and generate a virtual number with it.
  3. Register to Depop with your new virtual number.
  4. Open the menu Receive Verification Code in Setting.
  5. Input the code to verify your Depop account
  6. Stay subscribing to MySecondLine to retain your number.
  7. Contact our customer care if you have problems or questions.

Customer Review

MySecondLine has made my Depop experience better. Now, I can sell and buy stuff more frequently without getting overwhelmed by SMS notifications and messages from other people from Depop.

Felicia Darcy, Fashion Vlogger

Selling shoes I made on Depop is satisfying. However, I still need a break from all the buyers contacting me all the time. Since using MySecondLine, I can turn it off anytime I need it without having to block my communication line with friends and family.

Cassandra Alexis, Shoes Artist

Besides Depop, I also use my virtual number for all the websites and apps I register for. It just feels so convenient, private, and secure. I think everybody should give it a try.

Randy Bill, Junior Accountant

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my virtual number have duplicates that someone else uses?

No, it will not. MySecondLine only generates unique virtual numbers for each user to use exclusively.

Can I have another virtual number from MySecondLine?

One MySecondLine account can only provide one virtual number. However, you are free to create as many accounts as you need on MySecondLine, so you can get multiple virtual numbers.

Which country do you support getting such phone numbers?

We have a few country codes to choose from, but all of them can work in any country in the world.

Can I get the code even when I travel abroad to other countries?

Of course. The code is not bound to an actual location. Feel free to get the code from any country.

How could people contact me on my virtual numbers if they have no MySecondLine?

Your virtual number works the same way as the conventional mobile number. Thus, people can contact you right away.