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Starting as an app offering community-based ride-hailing services, Uber has reformed a lot of transportation methods. Not only does the app allow you to get taxi-like transportation, but you can also order food delivery, courier services, and many other more. Many people found this innovation efficient and more comfortable than the conventional methods. 

Phone Verification for Uber

Having an Uber account can make your life much easier, especially when going out and running errands. While signing up and creating a profile are pretty easy, there is a phone verification process to go through before the platform allows you to use their service.

Why Does Uber Require Phone Verification?

Gain Ownership of Your Account

To prevent other people from taking over and misusing your account, Uber needs you to confirm your identity as the account owner.

Preventing Cyber Crimes

Verification prevents bots from conducting malicious operations, such as hacking, scamming, and phishing. On the other hand, verified user accounts are also more difficult to hack or ruin.

Communication Purpose

When using Uber services, someone might need to contact you. Be it your driver looking for your address or a food delivery guy informing you about the menu shortage, your active phone number needs to be integrated into the system.

When Does Uber Ask for A Verification?


The first time you need to verify your number is when you sign up to join the system. Precisely, it is when you are creating a profile.

Log In Attempt

Logging in will also make the platform ask for verification if you activate the two-factor authentication. Otherwise, you will need to verify only if you log in from a new device.

Editing Credit Card Info

Credit card information is sensitive data. Thus, the system needs to ensure that it is the actual account owner about to make the edit.

System Notification

Activating a system notification will also need you to input the verification code to prevent the system from sending the updates to the wrong number.

Phone Number Options for Uber Verification

Your Regular Mobile Number

This option may seem effortless, but it also exposes your phone number. People might misuse it or contact you unsolicitedly.

Free Burner Number Online

You might be able to get free numbers from bogus websites. But, most of them are malicious and will get blocked by Uber, and your verification will not work.

MySecondLine Virtual Number

It costs no more than $9.99 to allow you to use the Uber services seamlessly without sacrificing your privacy

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Uber Verification?

Keep Your Privacy

People who care much about internet privacy would agree how much of a bad idea it is to use your actual phone number to register for an online platform.

Separate Lines of Communication

No more getting your calls and messages mixed up between your personal life and your Uber activities. It will be even more helpful if you use Uber services a lot or have a business to manage.

Works Like Actual Number

The virtual number from MySecondLine can work for anything a mobile number does. Thus, you can use it to communicate with the riders as well.

Does Not Expire

The burner numbers you can get for free from bogus websites will stop working eventually. It will not end that way with your MySecondLine number if you keep the subscription active.

More Location Flexibility

With MySecondLine, you can still get an Uber account when you travel to other countries because the app allows you to choose the country code for the virtual number you generate

How to Do Phone Verification using a Virtual Number

1. Install MySecondLine and get registered

2. Generate a virtual number with the country code of your choice.

3. Register to Uber using the MySecondLine phone number

4. Go to the settings tab, find Receive Verification Code

5. Follow through with the process to get your Uber verified

6. Keep your subscription to keep your number active.

7. Contact the app support anytime for any query.

Customer Review

I am glad that I can use MySecondLine number to receive phone calls and texts. Thus, I can still manage my Uber activities without getting my private number interfered with. I think everybody should try it.

Helena Martinez - Front-Desk Officer

Besides Uber, I also use MySecondLine number on every online account I have. People are wondering why I never got scammed or disturbed in any way through my private number.

Alvin Klaus - Multimedia Editor

Using MySecondLine number makes your Uber experience more convenient. Riders will not bother you on your main phone line. If they keep bothering even after your transaction is finished, I would just block their number from the MySecondLine app

Katrina Lopez - Social Media Influencer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the MySecondLine number for the Uber driver verification?

Yes, you can. The verification procedure is still the same as how you do it for an Uber customer account.

What should I do if the verification code doesn’t work?

Try restarting your phone first. Check your internet connection, make sure your Uber app is updated, and see if you have inputted the correct number. If your attempt still doesn’t work, kindly contact our support team. We will assist you through the process until you have your Uber account verified.

How much should I pay if I want to use the MySecondLine app for all websites and apps I register for?

You only need to pay $9.99 once when generating a virtual number. Feel free to use the number for everything without getting charged a dime more.ack.