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Running around the city can never be this easy. Even you get to choose what kind of vehicle to ride on. CarGo also provides food delivery services to provide extra convenience to your life. You can even create a company account to reduce your budget in managing your business!

Phone Verification for CarGo

Creating an account in CarGo is quick and easy, even the company account. This process requires you to provide information regarding your identity, including your mobile number for phone verification.

Why Does CarGo Require Phone Verification?

User Identification

To create a trustworthy ecosystem, CarGo requires all of its users to have clear identification. Thus, you will have to input your phone number along with other credentials such as email and address.

Security Enhancement

A verified account is much harder to attack and breach. It is also easier to restore when a system problem occurs. Thus, it will bring more protection to your privacy and data safety.

Communication Line

CarGo also needs your phone number if drivers or vendors need to ask you for details about your orders. They usually use the mobile number that the user used for verifications.

When Does CarGo Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Creating Account

There are many times when phone verification is needed in CarGo. The first one would be when you try to create an account. Unfortunately, you can’t start using CarGo before your initial verification.

Logging In

CarGo will demand a verification anytime you log in if the two-factor authentication feature is on. Otherwise, you will need to do it only when logging in from a new device or location.

Error Recovery

When the CarGo system experiences an error, it will send you a notification where you should conduct a phone verification once again to regain access to your account.

System Maintenance

CarGo will ask for phone verifications again at random times as a part of system maintenance. This step will also confirm whether your number is still active and valid or not.

Phone Number Options for CarGo Verification

Your Mobile Phone

Because the mobile number that you use on CarGo might get exposed to drivers and vendors, it is better not to use your main mobile number to keep your privacy.

A New SIM Card

Getting another SIM card might be effective to maintain privacy, but it will be costly. Very few people would take this option because it is mostly not worth spending that much money.

MySecondLine App

MySecondLine can give you a virtual number that works like a normal mobile number. You can use it for verification to avoid using your mobile phone or buying a new SIM card.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for CarGo Verification?

Works All the Time for CarGo

Virtual numbers from MySecondLine never get rejected for phone verifications on CarGo. If you encounter any problem during this process, our support team will always be ready to assist you through it.

Keeps Your Life Private

Nobody from CarGo can disturb you on your private mobile because that number is not even in the system. Also, you can block them right away if any of them try to disturb you through your virtual number.

Exclusive Usage of the Number

No need to worry about duplicated numbers because each virtual mobile number from MySecondLine is unique. The number you generate from it will be yours to use exclusively.


Highly Functional

More than just app verifications, you can also use your virtual numbers to communicate with people in any way you do with your conventional mobile. Calls, texts, voicemails, and many more features are available.

Unlimited Location

The choices of country code on MySecondLine might be limited. However, all of them can work anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be on the exact location of your number’s country code.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install the MySecondLine app and create an account.
  2. Pick a country code and retrieve a virtual number from it.
  3. Use your new number to sign up for CarGo
  4. Go to the menu Receive Verification Code in Settings.
  5. Input the code to CarGo to get your account verified.
  6. Keep your subscription on so your number stays active.
  7. Contact our customer care for any problems or questions.

Customer Review

It is highly recommended to use MySecondLine for online purchases and orders, so you won’t get spam and unwanted contacts after transactions. My private mobile number is free from any kind of disturbance since I bought my virtual number.

Derek Wellington, Business Associate

MySecondLine is so easy to use that even my mom can learn how to use it. She likes using her virtual number more than her regular mobile now because it is more convenient.

Turner Bosh, Courier Guy

Being a food vendor on CarGo means people will call you and tell you things about the menu you sell. I love receiving their input, and I appreciate them so much. However, I can’t do it 24/7. How fortunate I am to have MySecondLine to receive such calls and messages, so I maintain my work-life balance well.

Ursula Bloom, Food Cart Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I use MySecondLine for phone verifications?

Almost any app and website are compatible with virtual numbers from MySecondLine.

How much should I pay every time I use MySecondLine?

You pay only $9.99 for the subscription fee. There will be no charge for any usage of your virtual number.

How many people share the same virtual numbers with me?

Nobody does. Your number will be unique for you to use exclusively.

How long can I keep the number?

You can keep the number until your subscription expires. Thus, you can keep it forever as long as you don’t forget to renew your subscription package.