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Bigo Live

Take social media to a whole new level by live-streaming yourself on Bigo Live. Be it a game you play, special moments of your life, or even casual goofing around with your friends, Bigo Live can be your platform to express yourself and get in touch with people via live comments. The Singaporean-based app has been so popular worldwide for both casual streamers and professional content creators.

Phone Verification for Bigo Live

Whether you want to get social or make money by streaming on Bigo Live, you need to create an account on the platform first. This requires you to provide a mobile phone number and get it verified by the system. A phone verification process like this has been an integral part of the registration procedure on many websites and apps. The process may need to happen again every now and then.

Why Does Bigo Live Require Phone Verification

To Keep the Live Streaming Community Safe

Social media should be safe to keep growing, especially on a platform where people live stream. Bigo Live sets a phone verification to block those with malicious intent.

To Optimize User Experience

Verifying your profile also allows Bigo Live to understand you better. Thus, the system can arrange your experience more personally to your liking.

To Maintain Your Account

A verified account is much safer from attacks and crashes. You will also be less likely to lose access to your account even if you forget your passwords.

To Recover from An Error

Relogin after a system error will be much easier and safer if you have your mobile number verified on your account. It will take only a minute to do so.

When Does Bigo Live Ask for Phone Number Verification?

On Registration

Right after registration would be the first time Bigo Live sends a verification code that you need to input back to the platform.

On Login and 2FA Verification

Two-factor authentication will make you verify your mobile number every time you try to log back into your account to prevent hacking or identity theft.

On A Password Reset

Forgetting your password will take just a few minutes if you can process your verification through the mobile number recorded by the system.

Occasional System Maintenance

Bigo Live will also ask for the verification process again at random times as a procedure to maintain the system’s overall security.

Phone Number Options for Strike Verification

Be careful in choosing the phone number to use for it. If you use a burner number, you may lose your account permanently at some point. Your number should be valid and legit to get approved by the Bigo Live system. Here are some options to consider:

Your Everyday Mobile Phone Number

Using your private mobile number for social media might not be a good idea, especially if you plan to be a professional content creator. You need your private line to stay unexposed to avoid losing your privacy.

A Secondary SIM Card Number

Having a secondary SIM card number might solve privacy concerns. It is just that this option is quite costly. Many people would think it is not even worth spending that much money on social media verifications.

MySecondLine’s Virtual Mobile Number

A virtual number from MySecondLine works the same way as most SIM card numbers, but with relatively less cost. It might be your best option to get registered on Bigo Live and even other platforms without costing your data safety.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Bigo Live Verification

Works Well for Bigo Live

Virtual numbers from MySecondLine never get rejected by the Bigo Live verification system. Many users have successfully proved it.

Inexpensive and Functional

MySecondLine charges only $9.99 monthly, yet it has all the functions you may need. More than just texting and callings, the platform also offers call-forwarding, voicemails, and others.

Easy to Explore

Any user can easily explore all MySecondLine functions through the app. It has a user-friendly interface and takes up just a little space on your device.

Adjust As You Need

Decide how long you want to keep your number, including extending your active period before it expires. It is also easy to delete your number or even change it to a brand-new one.

Country Codes for Everywhere

MySecondLine offers many options for country codes for your phone number. Interestingly, all codes can work in any country without any limits or roaming fees.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Install MySecondLine and sign up for an account first.
  2. Create a virtual number from a country you prefer.
  3. Use your new number to register on Bigo Live.
  4. Find your code on Receive Verification Code in Setting.
  5. Verify your account by typing the code to the Bigo Live app.
  6. Keep your subscription active to avoid expiration.
  7. Contact our app support anytime you need.

Customer Review

Using a virtual number from MySecondLine for Bigo Live has granted me untouched privacy on my main mobile number. I feel even more grateful as my Bigo Live account starts to make money and has plenty of followers.

Anthon Raleigh, Game Streamer

I have been using MySecondLine and Bigo Live to promote my brand and grow my business. It is super helpful and fairly cheap. I especially love how I can use phone codes from big countries while I am not even there.

Vivienne Shell, Fashion Designer

Why would you spend a lot of money on SIM cards if you can use MySecondLine? I paid very little to get an unlimited amount of texts and calls to make. Not to mention that I use my virtual number on almost every platform I registered myself to.

Lex Houston, Marathon Athlete

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my verification doesn’t work?

You can try again after your internet connection is stable. If it still fails, you can ask our customer care team to take care of it.

Can people contact me without MySecondLine?

Yes, they can. Anyone can reach your virtual number the same way they do common SIM card numbers.

Is MySecondLine secure enough for long-term use?

Sure it is! MySecondLine has robust security protocols that make the technology safe even for long-term use.

How can I keep my virtual number permanently?

Simply upgrade your subscription to an annual plan and set an auto-renewal on it to avoid missing your expiry date.