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Getting approved for loans can be very fast, easy, yet secure with Affirm. With soft credit inquiries and an online process, you can cash in your loans in just two business days. Affirm can also help you pay for every online purchase, which you can pay back later in installments. This platform is what you can consider in times of financial emergencies.

Phone Verification for Affirm

Having an account in Affirm can give you a little bit of relief when you are financially struggling. Fortunately, it is not even difficult to get signed up there. You just need to fill in your basic information, including an active mobile phone number. During the registration, Affirm will send you a verification code to your number. You have to input the code back into the platform to finish the process.

Why Does Affirm Require Phone Verification?

Account Owner Validation

Affirm needs to make sure that the person who registers an account is a legit human. After verification, your identity will be recorded as the account owner. Thus, you can log back into the system safely anytime..

Preventing Money-Related Crimes

A verification process is effective to block bots, spam, and human accounts with malicious intent. This security protocol is essential to make sure all users feel comfortable and safe doing their transactions on Affirm.

Confirming Transactions

Some transactions might be deemed suspicious by the system, especially those with large sums. In such cases, Affirm will ask you for another round of SMS verification to confirm your intention. 

Important System Notifications

Similar to other apps, Affirm may also need to send important system notifications to the account owners every once in a while. It is usually done via SMS.

When Does Affirm Ask for Phone Number Verification?


Creating An Account

Prepare an active mobile number when you are about to sign up because Affirm will not approve your account before you finish a phone number verification.

Logging Back In

Even if you are not activating the two-factor authentication, logging in may require another step of phone verification if you do it from a new device.

Conducting Transactions

Some transactions may require phone verification for the system to make sure that said transactions are conducted by the actual account owner. 

Suspicious Account Activities

Every unusual activity on your account will get detected by the Affirm system. To prevent malicious actions, Affirm will ask for verification through your mobile phone.

Reset Account Passwords

Forgetting your password will not cause you to lose access to your account if you have a verified mobile number on a system. Simply reset it with a verification code to login back in a minute.

Update Account Profile

Sometimes, editing information on your profile may require verification. It usually happens if you try to change sensitive and crucial information, such as a credit card or a phone number.

What Can You Use for Affirm Phone Verification?

Your Personal Mobile Phone Number

Many people find this option inconvenient because it gets your private phone number exposed. If you have concerns with data safety and privacy, you might want to skip this option.

A Dual SIM-Card Supported Phone

This option may sound effective to keep your privacy. However, it will be expensive considering how much you need to pay to keep it active. Not to mention if you also use it for calls and texts.

A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

It costs only $9.99, but you can use it for everything without an additional charge. The virtual number is also legit for phone verification on almost any online platform.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Affirm Verification?

Legit and Secure for Verification

MySecondLine only produces virtual numbers that work fine and are perfectly secure to use. Hence, most online platforms will accept it for verification, including Affirm.

Easy and Convenient to Use

Thanks to its friendly interface, the MySecondLine app allows you to use your virtual number effortlessly. It is even neater than managing a conventional mobile number.

Keep and Delete Anytime

Have total control of your virtual account. Anyone subscribing to MySecondLine can keep or easily delete their virtual numbers. You even get to generate a new one if you don’t want to use the old one anymore.

Works Like Conventional Mobile Number

Any features a conventional mobile number has, MySecondLine’s virtual number does too. You will not miss a thing in adopting this innovative phone technology.

Separate Business and Personal Life

Don’t get your private life mixed up with business. Use MySecondLine for business and non-important matters so you can turn it off anytime you need some privac.

No Location Limitation

Any virtual number with any country code from MySecondLine will work all the time as long as your device is connected to the internet, regardless of your actual location.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and sign up for an account
  2. Choose a country code and generate a virtual number.
  3. Register to Affirm using your number from MySecondLine.
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting section.
  5. Input the code to get your Affirm verified
  6. Keep your MySecondLine subscription to keep your number.
  7. Contact the app support anytime for any queries.

Customer Review

Affirm has always been interesting for me, but I never tried it because I don’t want to get my phone number exposed. Thank you MySecondLine for allowing me to use Affirm without costing my confidentiality.

Fran Cardington, Salesperson

Not just Affirm, I use MySecondLine for all of my accounts on webs and apps. I also use it to communicate with people I am not very close to, so I can block them anytime if needed. Super convenient!

Monetta Silk, Gym Trainer

It is always interesting to have a separate account for business because I don’t want to handle it 24/7. Out of all options I have for this, MySecondLine is the most affordable and secure. Totally worth it!

Vin Harrington, Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to keep my virtual number working while I am in a different country?

There is nothing you need to do other than make sure your device has a stable internet connection.

How much will it charge me to make calls and messages?

Zero. Once you pay the subscription fee of $9.99, you are free to use MySecondLine for anything without having to spend more dime.

Can I keep my number if I fail to renew my subscription?

Unfortunately, your virtual number will expire at the end of your subscription. To avoid losing your number, you can set up an auto-renewal to your yearly subscription.

Is the number exclusive for just myself to use?

Indeed. There will be no duplicate numbers on MySecondLine.