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Yelp Business

Lining up your business on Yelp is one of the most effective ways to go. The platform is very popular that people will look into first when they look for businesses to spend their money on. Having an account on Yelp Business allows you to build a strong reputation from actual reviews. The more solid your presence, the more you can attract people and open new opportunities to grow. 

Phone Verification for Yelp Business

Stay ahead of your competitors by registering and shaping your Yelp Business profile as neatly as possible. When creating a profile for your business, you will need to input all the basic information. A phone number is included, of course. The system will run a verification process through it before your business profile can launch on Yelp. 

Why Does Yelp Business Require Phone Verification?

Securing Your Account

It can be dangerous if you lose access to your Yelp Business. Luckily, phone verification can significantly prevent you from such risks.

Claim Your Business Ownerships

The phone number you verify will be recorded as the business owner’s contact. If you don’t do this, someone may claim your business profile.

Keeping the Reviews Authentic

Reviews in Yelp Business should be genuine from actual users to the actual business owner. This feature is what makes Yelp reliable and trustworthy. 

When Does Yelp Business Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Listing Your Business

Your phone number is necessary to claim your business. Thus, Yelp Business will demand a phone verification from the first time you register your business into the system.

Account Errors

There is no need to panic when you get forcefully logged out or forget your password because you can fix the issues in just a minute by running a phone verification. You would be able to log back in right away after that.

On Login Attempts

You can activate the two-factor authentication method to add another security measure to your account. If this feature is on, anyone who attempts to log in to your account will need to get through a phone verification first through your mobile number.

What Can You Use for Yelp Business Phone Verification?

Your Everyday Mobile Number

Using your everyday phone number for business matters is not a good idea, especially if you will also use it on Yelp Business. It may disturb your personal life and privacy. Most people will not go with this option.

An Extra SIM Number

Having another SIM number on the same phone can make things easier without costing your privacy. Of course, you will need to prepare an extra budget because keeping a SIM number active is not cheap.

MySecondLine Number

With only $9.99, you can get a virtual mobile number from MySecondLine. It is legit to use for verifications, as well as many other benefits you can explore to coordinate and grow your business.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Yelp Business Verification?

Secure for Verification

MySecondLine has top-notch security protocols that make it detected as legit and acceptable for verification on almost every online platform. 

Separate Line for Business

Lock your virtual number exclusively for your business, so your personal mobile number will not get interfered with. MySecondLine is very inexpensive and it will not harm your business in any way.


There are many other things you can do with your virtual number besides using it for verification. Chats, calls, voicemails, and any other things a conventional mobile number can do, MySecondLine can too!

Exclusive Number

Every virtual number from MySecondLine is unique for one user. There are never duplicate numbers. Don’t worry about getting your messages mixed up with other people.

Set Your Usage Period

Feel free to keep your virtual number as long as you want by keeping your subscription on. You can also delete or change your number anytime you want. 

Choose Your Country Code

MySecondLine’s virtual numbers are not limited by locations. You can choose any available country code and use the number anywhere.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and sign up there.
  2. Pick a country code and generate a virtual number.
  3. Register to Yelp Business using your MySecondLine number
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting section.
  5. Input the code to get your Yelp Business verified
  6. Get the verification code SMS or calls
  7. Keep your MySecondLine subscription on to keep your number.
  8. Contact the app support anytime for any queries.

Customer Review

I have tried several platforms that generate virtual numbers, and nothing is better than MySecondLine. It is secure and has a lot of benefits, yet it costs significantly lower. Very worth it either for personal or business uses.

Regina Bunch, Event Planner

Obviously, I need separate numbers for my businesses to avoid getting mixed up. I used to have multiple phones and SIM cards. Switching to MySecondLine has cut down my business expenses significantly.

Akshay Jamil, Stores’ Owner

MySecondLine is always my go-to provider when I open a new branch for my business. I get one virtual number for each of my restaurant branches to make it easier to manage and monitor. I am happy with my decisions because organizing branches can never be this easy.

Prudence Trucker, Restaurateur

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my verification fails?

You can contact us and let us know your problem. We will walk you through the entire process until your verification is completed.

How do I set my number when in a different country?

There is no need to set your number every time you come to a different country. Your virtual number will keep working fine anywhere you go.

Does the number exclusively belong to me?

Yes, it does. MySecondLine never generates duplicate numbers.

Can I upgrade to an annual plan?

Of course, you can. Go to your subscription setting and set a valid payment method for it.

How much does it cost to send texts and calls?

Texts, calls, and any other features from MySecondLine are free to use if you have your subscription on. It costs you only $9.99 for it.

Can I receive Yelp calls to get a verification code?

Yes, you can make Yelp call you and hear the code in the call.