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Anyone loving vintage and artsy goods should take a look at Etsy. The marketplace specializes in handmade stuff, crafts, and anything unique. From home decor to fashion items, hobbyists and professionals can sell and buy in this lively community. For easier transactions, Etsy partners with several finance and delivery companies worldwide.

Phone Verification for Etsy

Being a part of the Etsy community is quick and easy. Fill in a short registration form on the platform, verify your mobile number, and you are good to go. Indeed, the phone verification part is a must. Etsy may ask for more phone verifications from time to time for various reasons. Use only a valid mobile number to prevent getting blocked by the system.

Why Does Etsy Require Phone Verification?

Avoiding Risks of Bots and Scams

People with malicious intentions like targeting popular websites like Etsy. One of the most effective ways to keep them away is by going through the verification procedure.

Securing Access to Your Account

With a verified mobile number, a user account will be much harder to manipulate. Your personal data and access, along with other users who interact with you, would be much safer.

Maintaining Transaction Security

Verifications may also reduce the risks of transaction errors and crimes. Thus, both sellers and buyers would feel more confident in settling their transactions on the platform.

Shipping and Billing Credentials

Etsy will also use your mobile number on your shipping and billing credentials. Third-party shipping companies may also require your mobile number to discuss delivery details.

Payment Payout Security

As a world-class marketplace providing multiple payment methods to choose from, Etsy has high concerns about its payment payout security system. A phone verification can help guarantee it.

When Does Etsy Ask for Phone Number Verification?

On Initial Sign Up

There will be many times when Etsy asks you for a verification code. The first one would be right after you submit your registration data.

Occasionally On Logins

When you log in from a new device or location, verification would be mandatory. The same applies if you activate the 2FA method on your account setting.

When Editing Sensitive Information

Verification is required to prevent hackers from manipulating your profile. It also ensures that you are truly intentionally making the edits.

Recovery from System Problems

A system error may log you out of your account. With a mobile number on record, the Etsy system can redo the verification quickly to welcome you back into your account.

Get Payout for Your Etsy Store

For sellers, you may also need to run a phone verification to withdraw your payout. This step is to prevent other parties from claiming your hard-earned money.

Phone Number Options for Etsy Verification

The Mobile Number You Use Everyday

Using your personal mobile number might be the easiest option, but it may bring data privacy problems, especially if you have a seller account on Etsy.

An Online Free Number

It is actually dangerous to use free online numbers because most of them are carrying malware and duplicate lines. It is prone to data theft and other violations.

Generating A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

With only $24.99, you can get a legit virtual mobile number. Unlike those free online numbers, the ones from MySecondLine are guaranteed to be secure and highly reliable.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Etsy Verification?

Compatible for the Verification System

MySecondLine is a legit provider of virtual numbers. It has a high-quality encryption system that most online platforms would accept any user with MySecondLine’s virtual numbers.

Secure Even for Long-Term Use

With an advanced encryption system, MySecondLine is safe to use even for an extended period. An annual subscription is also available to make it easier to retain your number.

Stay Active on Your Convenience

A subscription gives you total control over how your number stays active. Not only that you can decide how long to use your number, but you can also change your virtual number or even permanently delete it.

Choose Any Country Code Anywhere

While MySecondLine has several options for country codes, you don’t need to pick one that matches your location. All codes can work anywhere in the world as long as your device connects to the internet.

Get Help with the Premium Support

Our support team is highly responsive and reliable. We will help you with any problems and answer any questions you have until they are thoroughly resolved. Feel free to get in touch anytime.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and create an account there.
  2. Choose a country code and get a virtual number from it.
  3. Sign up to Etsy with that virtual number.
  4. Find “Receive Verification Code” in the Setting menu.
  5. Type in the code back to Etsy to verify your account.
  6. Set a subscription plan to retain your number.
  7. Contact our app support if you need anything.

Customer Review

MySecondLine has made it so easy on who to block and who to allow to contact me. When things get overwhelming, I can simply delete my number and get a new one. It has been very helpful to me to grow my business while also maintaining my private life.

Ricky Mailer, Woodwork Artisan

It was my friend who convinced me to try MySecondLine instead of buying an extra SIM card for app registrations. I am lucky I gave it a shot. This platform is so convenient and cost-efficient for busy newbie entrepreneurs like me.


Willow MacLaren, Crocheter

So many things from MySecondLine have helped me grow my business. Not only just a mobile number for Etsy verification, but I also use it for virtual assistance and any form of communication with my clients and vendors worldwide. 

Regina Waldorf, Crafter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the phone number and app for texts and calls?

Sure you can. You don’t even need to spend more money on those features if you have an active subscription to MySecondLine.

Can I get a unique number to use exclusively for myself?

Every number created by MySecondLine is always unique and exclusive for each user.

Will my number expire right away if I fail to renew my subscription?

Unfortunately, yes. Hence, we will send you notifications when your expiration date is near.

How many such numbers can I get?

One account on MySecondLine can get one virtual mobile number. However, you can contact our support to get more numbers.

Which country numbers do you offer?

You can visit this page to see which country codes are currently available. We will add more available codes over time.

Can I also use the number on my Etsy store for my customers to call in?

Sure you can. It is a smart strategy to use a separate mobile number for business to avoid it getting mixed up with your personal matters.

Can you set up a virtual receptionist to answer support questions?

Yes, you can. Many of our clients have been using that feature for their business.