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Now is the time to try using Turo as an alternative to conventional car rental services. The digital peer-to-peer platform has made the car-sharing business accessible and convenient for everyone. With no middlemen and unnecessary additional charges, Turo is financially more beneficial for both car owners and users.

Phone Verification for Turo

Similar to most trustworthy platforms, Turo also requires mobile phone verification for each user. There are several reasons for it. Turo may also ask for the verification again later every once in a while when deemed necessary. Hence, you better use a mobile number that is valid and will stay active in the long run.

Why Does Turo Require Phone Verification?

Preventing Bot Accounts

Since bots cannot pass a phone verification, this method never fails to prevent bots from creating accounts on Turo.

User Authorization

The verification will also set you as the only person authorized to access your account, thus reducing the risk of hackers and other cybercriminals.

Keeping Transactions Secure

Every transaction needs to get identified and traceable to ensure its safety. That is why only verified accounts are allowed to transact.

Maintaining Security

A system tends to be so much more secure if it runs a phone verification regularly. As a popular platform, Turo must do so.

Make the Car-Sharing Info Authentic

Regular verification allows Turo to detect inactive accounts. This way, Turo can recommend only active accounts on the car rental market.

When Does Turo Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Creating An Account

When creating an account, Turo will ask for a mobile number to verify and keep in the system. Make sure to use a valid one because you will use it again later.

Starting to Use the Services

The first time you start using the carsharing feature will also lead you to another round of phone verification. It is only to confirm your understanding and intention for it.

On A System Error

A password failure or sudden logout may require you to redo the phone verification to get you to log back in to prevent hackers from breaching.

Occasional Requirement by System

Turo will also ask for your phone verification every now and then as regular maintenance to keep the system secure and reliable.

Get System Notifications

The mobile number you provide for Turo will receive messages from the Turo system from time to time. They are mostly system updates and notifications.

Phone Number Options for Turo Verification

The Phone Number You Use Everyday

Using your everyday mobile number might be inconvenient because strangers may contact you from time to time for car details. Not to mention how you get the notification messages that may pile up in your inbox.

A Fake Number from Bogus Websites

Getting a suspiciously-free online number is a dangerous option because such numbers usually carry multiple security issues. Plus, those numbers may expire suddenly, which might be quite problematic for the next phone verification session.

MySecondLine App

The most recommended option for Turo verification is by using the virtual number from MySecondLine. It is low-cost, yet safe and reliable enough for various purposes. It also offers many other benefits as explained below.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Turo Verification

Validity Guaranteed

We guarantee that your virtual number will pass Turo verifications. Otherwise, you can contact us so we can help settle it. All of this time, our customers always get accepted successfully.

Private and Secure

With highly-secure infrastructure and no phone number duplication, your privacy and data safety are surely well taken care of by MySecondLine. Our developers also maintain and update the system regularly to retain our quality.

Adjustable Active Period

Set how long you want your number to stay active by adjusting your subscription plan and renewing it before its due date. We have several packages to offer, even if you want to keep your number permanently.

Separate Work and Private Life

Retain your privacy and mental health by separating your work and private life. Using MySecondLine as your side number is the most convenient because you don’t need an extra device for it.

Global Coverage

While conventional mobile numbers have a limited area where they can work, virtual numbers from MySecondLine are usable anywhere and anytime. Not even a roaming fee for specific settings is required.

High Versatility

All features available on conventional numbers are also available to use on MySecondLine as well. Sometimes, you might even find several features that you can never get from SIM cards.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Get MySecondLine installed first, and then register there.
  2. Generate a virtual number using a country code you pick.
  3. Register on Turo using your brand-new number.
  4. The verification code will be present in the Setting menu.
  5. Confirm the code to Turo to finish your verification.
  6. Plan your subscription and payment to keep your number.
  7. For any questions and problems, you can contact us to get help.

Customer Review

Turo is great for extra income, but I wouldn’t do it without MySecondLine. Having a virtual number is truly a game-changer since it is the safe-yet-inexpensive option I have as my business contact.

Crystalline Smith, Marketing Intern

I use MySecondLine to manage my car rental business, and I can’t find any other option that is as beneficial as this. So many useful features for business. My favorite one is the virtual assistant as it makes my business look well-established.

Simon Wright, Car Rental Businessman

MySecondLine is the most reliable provider of virtual numbers among so many that I have tried. It is safe and so much trouble-free, unlike most other virtual numbers. 

Mildred Dae, Bookstore Employee

Frequently Asked Questions

How can people call or text me if they don’t have MySecondLine on their devices?

People don’t need the MySecondLine app to contact someone’s virtual numbers. They can do it like they usually do with conventional numbers.

Can I get more than one virtual number from MySecondLine?

While MySecondLine can only give one virtual number to each account, you can still create multiple accounts to get multiple numbers. Contact us to get a special discount on it.

How do I set my virtual number to work in a country that is different from my number’s country code?

No need to set it whatsoever. All virtual numbers have worldwide coverage regardless of the country codes and actual locations.

How much do I need to pay so my virtual number can work internationally like that?

You can enable international calls and get extra credits to call and text international numbers. We also provide numbers from 60+ countries you can choose from.

Can I use the number for my trucking business?

MySecondLine is suitable for personal use and any business, including your trucking business.

What are your tips for customer communication for my rental business

You can use our virtual assistant feature and other business features you can explore on this page.