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Handling taxes is no longer a headache if you use TurboTax. The digital platform allows you to file taxes and collect your tax returns conveniently. Many people find this platform is more efficient than hiring an accountant. TurboTax even coordinates with the IRS to allow some people to use TurboTax for free to make taxes more affordable. Besides being available in the United States, TurboTax also comes in Canadian and French versions.

Phone Verification for TurboTax Business

There will be a few times when you need to do a phone verification on TurboTax. Failing to verify will get you rejected by its system. Phone verification is a process that sends you a unique code to your mobile phone number that you should input back into the platform. A valid mobile phone number is required for this purpose. Don’t waste your time using a fake number because it will never pass through.

Why Does TurboTax Require Phone Verification?

Account Authorization

After a phone verification, it will be more difficult for hackers or malware to attack and steal your data. You will also be less likely to lose access to your account.

Filtering Out Bad Users

Bots and bad-intention accounts may bring harm to other TurboTax users. Fortunately, such users will not be able to complete a phone verification process. 

Maintaining Overall Security

Besides the minimized risks mentioned above, the system is also more secure because any malicious activity will get easily detected and identified.

Security Requirements for Important Documents

Many people and companies are worried about uploading certain documents, especially those with top-notch confidentiality. With verification, TurboTax ensures that your data will not be violated.

When Does TurboTax Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Starting on TurboTax

Registering a profile on TurboTax will lead you to your first phone verification. This one is necessary to complete your identification as the account owner. Before completing this step, you will not be able to start using TurboTax.

Sometimes On Login

Login may require phone verifications if the two-factor authentication feature is on or if you attempt logging in from a different device or location. The verification is to confirm your authorization as the account owner.

Required Recovery

When you forgot your password or if any error accidentally logged you out of your account, the system can easily recover everything by conducting another phone verification step.

Payments and Important Actions

The verification may also be necessary when you attempt to take crucial payments or actions. The purpose of it is to anticipate hackers or accidental actions because some actions are non-reversible.

What Can You Use for TurboTax Phone Verification?

Your Current Mobile Phone Number

It is probably not wise to use your current mobile number for TurboTax because your private life might get interrupted, especially once your business grows big.

Get A Free Online Number

Many websites offer a free online number to use, but you better stay out of those. They don’t have secure encryption. A long list of risks is lurking if you choose to go ahead with such numbers, including getting your sensitive data breached.

Using MySecondLine App

MySecondLine is far different from the free online numbers mentioned above. Virtual numbers from this app are reliable enough to use for phone verification. A more detailed explanation of how this product is valuable would be explained below.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for TurboTax Verification?

TurboTax Compatible and More

With its excellent quality, MySecondLine always produces virtual numbers that are valid enough for a phone verification. Besides TurboTax, you can also use your virtual numbers on almost all other platforms.

Plenty of Features to Explore

Navigating the MySecondLine app allows you to see that we have plenty of features to your advantage. Feel free to explore and use them all to your heart’s content without having to worry about the cost.

Inexpensive and Flexible

It is only $9.99 to subscribe to MySecondLine. Use it for anything for as long as you want. You can delete or change your number anytime if you no longer want to keep your current virtual number.

Use in Any Location

Regardless of the country code you chose, your virtual number will still be usable without a problem in any location. The app solely relies on the internet connection to function and not the location.

Timely Support to Rely On

Our customer care team will promptly respond to any of your queries; questions, complaints, and even comments. Even if you have problems, we will walk you through the whole process until everything is resolved.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install and register yourself on MySecondLine.
  2. Pick a country code and create a virtual number with it.
  3. Sign up on TurboTax using the MySecondLine number.
  4. Open the Receive Verification Code menu in Settings.
  5. Type in the code on TurboTax to confirm your verification.
  6. Plan your subscription to keep your number active.
  7. Contact our customer care team for any assistance.

Customer Review

Can’t imagine how overwhelming it would be to use my private number for business and doing taxes. Having a virtual line from MySecondLine makes everything more manageable.

Carl Wembley, Senior Accounting Manager

After trying many virtual number providers, I find that nothing is comparable to MySecondLine. Its price-to-value ratio is stellar. Never use any other platform to get secondary phone numbers again.

Ulrich Stan, Company Manager

My seniors kept telling me to use MySecondLine to deal with non-private things since I graduated college. I am so glad I followed their advice. This app is highly reliable with its level of security, neat app interface, and many features it boasts.

Tanika Gala, Financial Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the phone number to register for TurboTax websites and mobile apps?

Sure! You can also use your virtual number on almost any other web and apps.

Can I get a virtual number that isn’t in use by other users?

MySecondLine always gives out an exclusive number for each account. You will never get a virtual number that somebody else uses.

What can I do to make sure my number will not expire?

Your number will not expire if your subscription is still active. To avoid missing your expiration date, we suggest you update to an annual plan and set an auto-renewal for it.

How long can I keep the number? Can I get an annual plan?

You get to keep your number for as long as your subscription is still active. You can get an annual plan and turn on the auto-renewal on your subscription setting to avoid losing your number.

Can people contact me even if they don’t have MySecondLine?

People can contact your virtual number the same way as conventional SIM card numbers. They don’t need the MySecondLine app to do so.