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Acronymed from ‘Hey I Love You’, Hily aims to find someone who truly suits your unique personality. Using machine learning technology, Hily will scan prospective matches and filter them by backgrounds and interests that suit you. This French platform is legit and free. It is also a safe place because the system will automatically block offensive messages and scams.

Phone Verification for Hily

Registering to Hily and creating your profile there will take only a few minutes. However, you will not be able to browse for prospective matches just yet before verifying your mobile phone number. This step is quick, yet is crucial and mandatory. There is no way to trick it out by using a fake number. You need a valid and active mobile phone number to get properly verified on this platform.

Why Does Hily Require Phone Verification?

Filtering Out Bad-Intended Users

Creepers, scammers, and hackers may try to find their prey in dating apps. Fortunately, identification with phone verification can help Hily to filter out such people.

Keeping the Community Real

Verification also ensures that only human users can get registered. With no bots in the system, the whole Hily community will stay genuine and unique.

Enhancing User Experience

Hily’s machine learning needs to thoroughly scan you to fully understand you so it can tailor the most suitable experience for you.

Securing Your Account

With verification, your account will be much harder to attack by hackers and malware. It will also be much easier to recover after a system error.

Build A Trustful Social & Dating Community

Wholesome security will make the platform feel trustworthy and comfortable for anyone in it. People will find it more fun to socialize and have a date with fellow users.

When Does Hily Ask for A Verification?

When Registering

The first time you need to verify your phone is right after registering. This process will then record your mobile number to make the next verifications easier and quicker.

Sometimes on Logins

Logging in will require another phone verification if you do it from a new device, new location, or if you turn on the two-factor authentication feature.

After A System Crash

A crash in the system may result in forceful logouts. You will be able to access your account after verification through the mobile number recorded on your Hily profile.

System Notification and Verification

Hily will send you notifications via SMS to your mobile numbers. While some only tell you to update stuff from the platform, some can be important system information.

What Can You Use for Hily Phone Verification?

Your Conventional Mobile Number

Considering the nature of dating apps, it might be best for you to avoid using your private phone numbers to contact people you barely know. It is highly advisable to use a separate number for this purpose.

Another SIM Card in A Dual Phone

Having two SIM cards may help maintain your data security and privacy. Unfortunately, this method may be costly. Most people don’t find this option worth it to have two active SIM card numbers for long terms.

A Virtual Mobile Number from MySecondLine

It costs less than conventional SIM cards, yet provides similar services and benefits. A virtual mobile number from MySecondLine is the best option you could ever consider for registering and verifying your account on Hily.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Hily Verification?

Acceptable by Hily System

Fpr security reasons, the Hily system doesn’t approve random online numbers, but any virtual number from MySecondLine will always be acceptable.

Will Not Expire Suddenly

No need to worry about suddenly losing your number. It will only expire when your subscription ends if you fail to renew it.

Use It in Any Country

MySecondLine provides several country codes for your virtual number, but all of them can work in any country without roaming fees.

Top-Notch Security

With industry-level security protocols, MySecondLine is free from any malware. It is one of the most secure communication lines to use, even for the long term.

Each Number is Unique

There are no shared numbers from MySecondLine. Each user gets an exclusive number to keep their privacy and data safe.

Change or Delete Your Number

Not wanting your current number anymore? Feel free to delete or change your number to a brand-new one in just a few seconds.

How to Do Phone Verification using a Virtual Number

  1. Get MySecondLine installed on your device and register there.
  2. Create a virtual number using a country code you choose.
  3. Use it to sign up on Hily and create a profile with it as well.
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting menu.
  5. Confirm the code to Hily to verify your account.
  6. Manage your subscription setting to retain your number.
  7. Our app support is available anytime for any queries.

Customer Review

A disposable virtual number is my best get-go for blind/online dating. I keep changing my virtual number right after saying goodbye to keep myself safe. I can’t imagine getting on Hily without MySecondLine.

Lyanna Reign, Dancer

My virtual number has helped me retain my privacy while I am busy roaming around on various social apps. I also like how practical the app is. I totally recommend MySecondLine to everyone!

Greg Thumbskin, Reporter

For me, a virtual number is more than just a convenience for online dating. It is overall more efficient and comfortable to use than conventional mobile numbers. I have been using MySecondLine for various things up until now.

Yara Mehdi, Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if someone I met from Hily kept harassing me through my virtual number?

Try blocking their number first. And if they keep using other numbers to continue the harassment, you can consider deleting or changing your virtual number to stop the case.

Can I change my virtual number’s country code?

Changing your mobile number’s country code will change your whole number because each country has a unique structure of mobile numbers.

How do I set my number to work in a country that is different from my phone code?

You don’t need to set anything. It will continue working without any difference as long as you keep your device connected to the internet.

Can I get an annual plan and keep the number to myself?

Sure you can! Make sure to renew your subscription before it expires so your number will stay active.

Can I upgrade to permanently keep the number I selected?

Sure! You can upgrade to the annual subscription package to keep your number longer. It might also be necessary to arrange an automatic payment for the subscription plan.