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Email correspondence gets even more busy and important these days, so you need one with top-notch security and reliable features. ProtonMail is one of your best bets for an email platform. Not only that it complies with the strict privacy laws in Switzerland, but the system also boasts advanced encryption that makes hacking even more impossible. Even ProtonMail employees can’t see the emails you send and receive.

Phone Verification for ProtonMail

There will be a few times when you need to go through a phone verification on ProtonMail. Thus, it is highly advisable to prepare a dedicated phone number for your ProtonMail profile so you can use its services comfortably and seamlessly. It has to be an active and valid mobile number. Don’t dream of tricking it with bogus numbers because you will only get rejected or even blocked by the system.

Why Does ProtonMail Require Phone Verification?

Authorizing Your Account

Holding full authorization of your ProtonMail account is crucial so that nobody can access the emails except you. Plus, it guarantees that you will never lose access to your emails.

Enhancing the System Security

Verified accounts are much harder to breach. If all users in ProtonMail are verified, then people will feel safe to explore the platform and use all of its services.

Preventing Bots and Phishing

Bots and other malicious systems can’t get through the phone verification. Hence, ProtonMail enforces this step on every user registration to make sure all users are humans.

Security and Privacy Requirements

In general, a quick process of phone verifications can significantly make the system more secure and private. Hence, they make it mandatory.

When Does ProtonMail Ask for Phone Number Verification?

When Creating An Account

Starting an email account on ProtonMail will direct you right away to a phone verification process. Before you get it done, the system will not allow you to explore and use its features.

Log In at Different Locations

While the platform is accessible anywhere, logging in from a different location will get detected as suspicious by the ProtonMail system. Hence, it will ask for verification to confirm that you are indeed the account owner instead of a hacker.

System Recovery When Needed

When you forget your password or if an error occurs, ProtonMail will forcefully log you out and then offer to log you back in with another phone verification. This process will recover your account in an instant.

Occasionally Required on Login

Even when there is no suspicious activity or system error, ProtonMail will also ask for a verification occasionally. It is mainly for security maintenance and to check if your email is still active.

What Can You Use for ProtonMail Phone Verification?

Your Current Mobile Number

Using your current mobile number can be both easy and confusing at the same time. It is easy because you don’t need to juggle between two devices, yet it can be overwhelming to get all the calls, messages, and notifications on the same line.

A Free Fake Number

While it seems effortless and costless, most fake numbers don’t work. They tend to expire suddenly, have duplications, and even carry malware. You better stay out of this option because you might compromise your data security and privacy.

MySecondLine’s Virtual Number

A virtual number that you can manage from an app would be just as easy as using your current number. Using MySecondLine also reduces confusion and provides several other benefits that you couldn’t ignore.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for ProtonMail Verification?

Valid for ProtonMail and More

While most free fake numbers are deemed invalid by ProtonMails, virtual numbers from MySecondLine are always acceptable. Even better, they also work for almost all other platforms.

Secure, Private, Yet Inexpensive

With only $9.99, MySecondLine offers a reliable line of communication with excellent security protocols to guarantee your safety. Using virtual numbers for us will keep your main mobile number private.

Manage How Long to Keep

Your virtual number will stay active when your subscription is active, so it is easy to manage how long you want to use your number. Besides that, you also get to delete or change your number anytime.

Plenty of Functions to Explore

Virtual numbers from MySecondLine can do anything that conventional SIM card numbers do. More than just calls and messages, you can also use your virtual numbers for voicemails, file-sharing, and many others.

Use Anywhere in the World

While MySecondLine requires you to pick one country code for your virtual numbers, all of them will work equally fine regardless of where you are. Our platform doesn’t depend on your actual location to function.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and sign up first.
  2. Choose a country code and create a virtual number out of it.
  3. Use MySecondLine number to register on ProtonMail.
  4. Open the Receive Verification Code menu in Settings.
  5. Type in the code on ProtonMail to finish the verification.
  6. Keep subscribing to the app so your number wouldn’t expire.
  7. Get in touch with our customer care team for any assistance.

Customer Review

Using ProtonMail is mostly for security and privacy. It makes no sense to use your personal number for it. Using MySecondLine is the best way to keep your communication safe and sorted out well.

August Dibbs, Digital Animator

When I need a secure email address, I also bought MySecondLine to ensure my privacy. Then, I ended up using my virtual number to register and get verified on many other websites and apps that I use. It is comforting to never receive spam whatsoever on my private phone number.

Celine Howard, Stewardess

MySecondLine is the best $9.99 I have ever spent. It is so convenient to use that I mostly use my virtual number even for phone calls and texts while I originally got it to register on ProtonMail. I believe everybody should give this app a try!

Florence Crane, Painter

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to be located in Switzerland to get the phone number?

No. You can still get and use the number even when you are in other countries.

Will any other users have the same number as mine?

There will never be. Any virtual number from MySecondLine is unique and reserved for one user only.

How much does it cost for a phone call, text, and other things?

It costs nothing to use MySecondLine features. The only thing to pay is the subscription fee of $9.99.

Why isn’t MySecondLine free while many other virtual numbers are available for free?

The money you pay will mostly go towards our security protocols that guarantee the security of your communication line and the feasibility of the app.

How can I permanently keep and lock this number to myself?

Upgrade to an annual plan so you need to renew it only once a year. You can even set an auto-renewal for it. We will also send a reminder when your subscription expiration date is coming near.