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Robinhood Online

Investing has never been this easy. With only $1, you can already start building your portfolio of stocks and cryptocurrencies in Robinhood Online. The platform also offers other services that make it even more effortless to develop your investing habits, such as stock lending, reward points, and many others. Furthermore, Robinhood Online also charges no commission fee for every investment you make!

Phone Verification for Robinhood Online

To build your investment portfolio on Robinhood Online, first, you need to register and create an account. The whole process is easy and takes very little time to finish. But, you need to provide several things to get your account verified. Besides your email address and a copy of your ID, you will also need to type in your mobile phone number for the verification process.

Why Does Robinhood Online Require Phone Verification

Ensuring Financial Safety

Verified transactions make your cash flow secure. No scammers or hackers can easily manipulate your data and assets to their benefit. A verification process may also work as a confirmation to prevent you from making unintentional transactions.

Claiming Your Account Ownership

A verification will lock you as the actual owner of the account. You will have total access and control to said account, and nobody can easily take it away from you. Even if there is a system error on your account, the app will easily return your access through your mobile.

Law Compliance

As mandated by the laws, every account in financial service companies should have its owner identified. Obviously, the same rule applies to Robinhood Online as well. The identification may include your name, address, email, social security number, and of course, mobile phone number.

When Does Robinhood Online Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Creating An Account

The first time you register an account on Robinhood Online will require you to fill out a form, which also asks for your mobile number. The system will then run a verification process on that mobile number that you can’t bypass in any way.

Logging In Authentication

Robinhood Online offers two-factor authentication that you can activate to improve your account security. If this feature is on, you will need a phone verification every time you sign in. 

Account Errors

When there is a system error, you might get forcefully logged out of your account. But, no worries. The system can return your access back in mere seconds by reconducting a phone verification.

Transaction Confirmations

Sometimes, Robinhood will ask for confirmation before proceeding with a transaction. It mostly happens when the transaction is significantly big or unusual. This procedure is to prevent accidental or malicious transactions.

System Notifications

The app may also need to give you a notification for every update regarding your account, transactions, or investment-related news. These notifications will come in text messages to your mobile number.

Phone Number Options for Robinhood Online Verification

Your Everyday Mobile Number

It is possible to use your everyday mobile phone number for phone verification on Robinhood Online. However, the notification messages may come as a nuisance, especially if you do a lot of investment and trading. Some people also have concerns regarding data privacy.

A Secondary SIM Number

Using a separate SIM number on a dual-SIM mobile phone can be a considerable solution. Yet, many people will not like it because it can be expensive to keep two numbers active at the same time.

A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

This option can give you the same purpose as the secondary SIM card. Even better, it is also cheaper and has more advantages. This might be the best alternative for you to consider.

Benefits of Using MySecondLine for Robinhood Online Verification

Legit for Verification

Our virtual numbers never get rejected by any system for phone verifications. Not only Robinhood Online, but you can also have it for any other websites and apps.

Rich Feature

MySecondLine can do anything you can with conventional phone numbers. There are many other features there, more than just phone calls and texts.

Easy and Practical

MySecondLine app has a neat interface. It is easy to navigate around to use any features available. The app doesn’t even take up much space on your phone.


It is only $9.99 to subscribe to MySecondLine. Use all the features it offers as much as you want without any additional charges.

Plenty of Choices of Country Codes

Not only that MySecondLine provides several country codes to choose from, but all of those codes will also work even if you are not in the said location.

Reliable Support

You can contact our support team anytime for any problems or questions you have. Our representative will promptly respond.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Start with installing MySecondLine and registering an account.
  2. Get your virtual number using the country code you pick.
  3. Register to Robinhood Online using the MySecondLine phone number
  4. Find the menu Receive Verification Code in the Setting section.
  5. Input the code to get your Robinhood Online verified
  6. Keep your MySecondLine subscription on to retain your number.
  7. Contact customer support for any questions and problems.

Customer Review

My family sees my phone sometimes, and I don’t want them to find out I have an investment account somewhere. By using a separate line using my virtual numbers, my main number never gets any notifications whatsoever from Robinhood Online. I feel safe because none of my parents and siblings know I set aside my money somewhere.

Cornelia Vasquez, College Student

Ever since I discovered MySecondLine, I use my virtual number for every online platform I register myself to. It is super convenient. I feel safe and private because my personal phone number is not recorded in any Big Data.

Delilah Larsen, Office Worker

I am using MySecondLine simply because it is more affordable and has more features than conventional numbers. I have several virtual numbers active for my businesses and investments. It is easy to organize everything on separate lines.

Joshua Mills, Freelancer

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my virtual number expire?

It will expire at the end of your subscription if you choose not to renew it. 

How much does it cost to make calls and messages using MySecondLine?

MySecondLine only charges you one time with its $9.99 subscription fee. After that, you can use it as much as you want without having to spend another dime.

Where else could I use MySecondLine for phone verification?

The virtual numbers from MySecondLine are acceptable on almost all online systems. Feel free to use it on any web and app you register to.

Can I keep the number permanently?

Of course, you can. Your number will be yours permanently if you keep your subscription on. To avoid losing your number, we suggest you set an automatic renewal on your subscription plan.

Which countries does it support?

MySecondLine offers several country codes to choose from for your virtual phone. However, any number you generate will work in any country.