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In times of financial emergency, FloatMe is the one to rely on. The platform can lend you a little cash advance to pay back later when your paychecks arrive. The money would be ready instantly, so you can count on it to sort out whatever financial urgency you have. While there is a membership fee, borrowing money on FloatMe will not require credit checking. It also will not charge you any interest for your repayment.


Phone Verification for FloatMe

Registering for FloatMe would require you to provide essential information regarding your identities, such as name, email, address, and mobile phone number. Do not try tricking the system by inputting fake data, even your mobile number. FloatMe will ask for a phone verification to check your number is valid and active. This step is mandatory, and you will need to do it every once in a while again. 

Why Does FloatMe Require Phone Verification?

Mandatory Identification

According to law, every financial technology platform requires a clear identification of its users. Nobody shall have anonymous accounts because the government needs all transactions to be traceable.

Prevention of Malicious Acts

Identified users would think twice before committing crimes such as fraud or theft. Besides that, verifying phones is also effective to filter out bots and malware, keeping them away from violating the system.

Payback Reassurance

As a loan provider, FloatMe requires each user to pay back their loans. The mobile phone number is crucial for sending reminders and contacting users to discuss the repayments if they missed their due dates.

Security and Privacy Requirements

A verified account is much harder to breach. In times of system error, you will less likely to lose the authority of your account. Making phone verification mandatory for all users will make the ecosystem more secure and robust.

When Does FloatMe Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Getting Started on FloatMe

Starting an account on FloatMe will direct you to a phone verification, which you will have to complete first before exploring anything the platform has.

Sometimes When Logging In

If you try logging in from a different device or a new location, the FloatMe system will also ask for verification to ensure it is the actual account owner who is logging in.

Required System Recovery

Forgetting your password, failed hack attempt, or any system error will forcefully log you out. Fortunately, redoing your phone verification will recover everything in a few seconds.

Notification of Abnormal Activities

When you are doing things that you don’t usually do with your account, the FloatMe system will detect it as suspicious activity. It will then ask for a phone verification to confirm your account is not currently getting hacked.

Money Borrow Sign and Confirmation

Borrowing money from FloatMe takes a very short time to process, yet you still need to sign the contract to confirm your agreement. This process includes verifying your phone number.

Phone Number Options for FloatMe Verification

Your Personal Mobile Phone

Using the mobile number you have been using for personal matters would be acceptable on FloatMe. However, you might want to think twice to expose your privacy like that. Some people even find it bothersome to get billing messages mixed with their personal ones in their inboxes.

A Free Fake Number

This option might keep your main number private while also spending no extra money on it. However, online fake numbers usually carry more problems than solutions. Such numbers may contain malware that would steal data from your device. Also, FloatMe can detect fake numbers, so you will get deliberately rejected anyway if you try. 

Virtual Number by MySecondLine

The virtual numbers from MySecondLine are far different from those free online fake numbers. MySecondLine guarantees complete safety and tons of benefits you can explore, including using it for phone verification on FloatMe.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for FloatMe Verification

Compatible for FloatMe

The advanced technology of MySecondLine has made the virtual numbers valid enough to work with the FloatMe system. You can even use the numbers on other digital platforms.

Highly Functional

The features available on MySecondLine are as seamless as the ones you can get from conventional SIM card numbers. Feel free to use your virtual numbers for calls, messages, voicemails, and many other things.

Works Worldwide

Use your virtual number anywhere in the world without a problem. MySecondLine is not bound by locations because it 100% relies on an internet connection to conduct all the functions.

Cost-Efficient Yet Secure

You will spend no more than $9.99 to use MySecondLine as much as you’d like. While it is very cheap, the platform already has a robust security protocol to guarantee your confidentiality and safety.

Adjust How Long to Use

Keep your virtual number active by keeping your subscription on. MySecondLine also allows you to delete and change your number anytime.

Reliable Support Team

Contact our support team anytime you face a problem or have questions regarding MySecondLine. We will respond promptly and assist you until all of your concerns are resolved.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Install MySecondLine and sign up on the app.
  2. Pick a country code and retrieve a virtual number from it.
  3. Get signed up on FloatMe with that number.
  4. Open the Receive Verification Code menu in Settings.
  5. Confirm the code on FloatMe to verify your account.
  6. Set your subscription to keep your number active.
  7. Contact our app support anytime you need.

Customer Review

Been using MySecondLine for FloatMe and other digital platforms for a while. It has been so satisfying not to have a bunch of notification messages filling up my inbox.

Zoa Ramirez, Social Media Influencer

FloatMe has been my financial savior many times. I am glad I use MySecondLine on the platform so I don’t get it associated with my private number. Of course, I also use my virtual number on other digital platforms because it feels just a lot more convenient than using my private number.

Kurt Bidenstein, Undergrad Student

MySecondLine is amazing! I use one for all of my accounts on apps and websites, and then I have another MySecondLine account where I keep changing my number to communicate with people I don’t plan on contacting in the long term. It is cheap, yet highly solutive. How wonderful!

Shirley Stonewall, Swimming Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t MySecondLine free like other virtual numbers?

MySecondLine boasts industry-level security protocols, which no other virtual number providers can offer. We also ensure no sudden expiration and no duplication of your virtual numbers.

How to use MySecondLine when I am in another country?

You can use it as usual without any adjustments needed as long as your device has a stable internet connection.

Can I get a virtual number that is exclusively used by myself?

Every user of MySecondLine will get an exclusive and unique virtual number.

Can I use the phone number to make calls and send texts?

Sure! You can explore the MySecondLine app to use all the features we have, including phone calls and messages.

What are the countries supported to get the phone numbers?

MySecondLine has several country codes you can choose from, but all of them can support seamless communication in every country in the world.

Do you offer any business-related services?

Yes. Kindly check out this page to find out more about what we can offer to support your business.