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Available in many countries, DiDi is one of the most reliable mobile transportation services in the world. You can do ride-hailing, ride-sharing, ordering takeouts, delivering packages, and many other things. With competitive rates and fair policies, it is no wonder how DiDi got so popular in many places.

Phone Verification for DiDi

Anyone can apply as a customer, rider, or even vendor by filling out the registration form. After submitting it, the system will ask you to send a verification code to your mobile number. You will then have to put the code back into DiDi to complete your verification process. There will be other times when you need to redo this task. While it can be quick, this process is impossible to skip or bypass.

Why Does DiDi Require Phone Verification?

To Identify Each User

DiDi needs to understand who is the human owner of each account to distinguish which are okay to give access to and which should be denied.

To Keep Away from Bots and Scams

While bots and scams can be dangerous, a simple process of phone verification is effective enough to prevent them from joining DiDi.

To Secure Every Transaction

With verified accounts, DiDi can identify every transaction and guarantee its security. This is crucial to prevent various financial crimes and mistakes.

To Maintain General Safety

Any digital platform that runs phone verifications regularly tends to have a more secure data protection system for its human users.

When Does DiDi Ask for Phone Number Verification?

When Signing Up

The verification you do on signup is most likely only the first of so many verifications you would need to do later from time to time.

When Logging In

Logging in may require verifications if you do it from a new device or location. However, it will be regularly mandatory if you turn on the 2FA feature in your setting.

Password Reset and More

Resetting a password after you forget it or simply editing sensitive information on your profile will also make the system ask for verification to confirm your actions.

Get Jobs Notification for Riders

DiDi will send job notifications to Riders through the mobile number you verified earlier during the registration.

Payment Confirmation and Notification

Your number will also receive messages for every transaction you make on the platform as a form of confirmation and notification.

Phone Number Options for DiDi Verification

Your Daily Mobile Number

Using your private number might not be convenient, especially if you sign up on DiDi as a rider. There will be people calling you for details. Not to mention the notification messages that will mix up with your private chats.

A New SIM Card on the Side

Having another SIM card on your dual phone might be helpful, but it will cost you a lot of money in the long run. It might not be worth taking as a long-term solution because then you will have two numbers to keep active.

Using A Virtual Number from MySecondLine

With MySecondLine, you can get a virtual mobile number. It is relatively cheaper, yet is just as functional for many things, including phone verification. Even better, there are more benefits to explore and enjoy.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for DiDi Verification?

Accepted by DiDi System

MySecondLine has a robust technology that makes its virtual numbers legit and compatible with most digital platforms, including DiDi.

Functions Like Conventional Numbers

Any features available on conventional SIM cards are also present in MySecondLine. People can contact you the same way they do conventional numbers.

Keep It, Change It, Delete It

You have full control over how long to keep your number, or to let it expire in time. It is also easy to delete or change your number if you think you need to.

Unlimited Coverage

MySecondLine offers various country codes for your virtual number. Regardless of what you choose, your number can work in any country.

Responsive Customer Service

Not only will we follow up your message promptly, but our team will also make sure to keep assisting you until your concerns are fully resolved.

Low Cost for the Whole Benefits

So many benefits with MySecondLine to use unlimitedly, yet you only need to pay $24.99 per month. No any extra charge for using the features, including the international calls.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install and sign up for MySecondLine.
  2. Generate a virtual number from a country code you choose.
  3. Sign up to Didi using that virtual number.
  4. Go to Receive Verification Code in the Setting menu.
  5. Input the code back to Didi to verify your account.
  6. Update your subscription plan to retain your number.
  7. Contact our app support anytime you need.

Customer Review

Being a rider on DiDi means you will get contacted by many strangers a lot. Using a separate mobile number has been keeping me sane. I can just create a brand new number every time things get overwhelming.

Bruno Mondelez, DiDi Rider

Always prepare a dedicated mobile number for your business, no matter how small your business is. And MySecondLine is the most useful and cost-effective option for this purpose. That is what my parents made me do, and I am grateful for that. 

Quincy Price, Food Truck Owner

I never use my private number on websites and apps. It is always MySecondLine’s virtual number that I use. As a result, my private line rarely gets spam and distracting messages.

Bailey Sharine, Baker

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to keep my virtual number permanently?

You need to make sure to renew your subscription before the current one expires. It will be easier if you upgrade to the annual plan and set automated payment for the renewal.

Will anyone be sharing the same number as me?

Not at all. MySecondLine always gives a one-of-a-kind number for each user.

How to contact support if I have any questions?

You can easily visit the Contact Us page and send us a message. Our team will follow up shortly.

What countries do you offer phone numbers to?

Check out this page to see which country codes are available now. We keep adding more options from time to time.