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If you are looking for an online banking platform, Starling should be one of the options to consider. Its seamless services are much more convenient and beneficial than conventional banks. Even better, Starling doesn’t charge you for monthly administration, ATM withdrawals, or using your cards overseas. Be it an individual, business, or joint account, your money and data would be secure and confidential.

Phone Verification for Starling

Opening an account on Starling requires you to fill out an online registration form that will take just a few minutes. You only need to prepare essential information such as your email, address, and mobile phone number. We strongly suggest you use valid information for such things, especially the mobile number. Starling will ask for a phone verification many times again later on, so you also need your mobile number to stay active.

Why Does Starling Require Phone Verification?

User Identification

A fintech platform like Starling requires to identify each of its users. The system needs to understand who is the owner of the money stored in each account to limit the authority exclusively to that person. Without identification, any other person can snatch your account and all the money in it.

Business Commitment

If you use Starling for a business account, the platform also needs to identify the person responsible for the business. It shows your commitment to running an honest and fair business with all the money and transactions you conduct on Starling.

Preventing Crimes

Simple phone verification is effective to detect and block bots and other malicious accounts. Even people who plan to commit crimes will think twice before executing the actions because all crimes would be easily traceable and identified.  

Creating Trustworthy Ecosystem

With a lower potential for crimes, Starling becomes a secure ecosystem where anybody can comfortably join. The more users cooperate with the system, the more trustworthy the ecosystem will be.

Security and Privacy Requirements

The phone verification step is a non-negotiable requirement from Starling because the platform needs it to maintain the security and privacy of its users. Impressively, Starling has a top reputation as a safe and confidential financial platform.

When Does Starling Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Starting the Service

Creating an account on Starling will lead you to a phone verification step, which you must complete before you can start using any service from Starling.

Login Back into the System

With the two-factor authentication feature on, you will need to do a phone verification every time you try to sign back into your Starling account.

Account and System Recovery

Forgetting your password or any other problem with your account can be settled quickly with a phone verification, which is why you need your mobile number to stay active.

Necessary Confirmation

Some transactions are crucial, so Starling will ask for a phone verification as a valid confirmation from the account owner. It is another reason why this platform is secure to use.

Important Financial Notifications

Starling will also use your mobile number to send SMS notifications regarding system updates, significant transactions, payment dates, and other important information.

Phone Number Options for Starling Verification

Your Primary Mobile Phone

The mobile phone number you use every day is acceptable for Starling verification. But, remember that Starling will contact you every now and then for notifications. They might be uncomfortable and overwhelming.

Dual SIM Card on A Phone

A separate mobile number for Starling would feel convenient if your device supports dual SIM cards. Unfortunately, this option is costly. It might not be worth it unless you also use the secondary SIM number for many things.

MySecondLine Virtual Number

Getting a virtual number from MySecondLine is significantly cheaper, yet it also provides more other benefits than just keeping your privacy. This modern solution is what you should consider for Starling phone verification.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for Starling Verification?

Valid for Verification

Your phone verification on Starling will never fail if you use your virtual number from MySecondLine. Many of our clients have proved it. They even use it for many other platforms as well.

No Sudden Expiration

Nobody from CarGo can disturb you on your private mobile because that number is not even in the system. Also, you can block them right away if any of them try to disturb you through your virtual number.

Secure and Private

MySecondLine is protected by 256-bit security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. You can rely on it for verifications and other non-private necessities to keep your main phone line for private communications.

Functional for Any Purpose

You will not miss a thing from by using MySecondLine because your virtual number can do anything that the conventional ones do, including phone calls, messages, file-sharing, and many other things.

Worldwide Coverage

While each number has a country code, none of them is bound by the location. All numbers from MySecondLine will still work well regardless of your actual location as long as your device connects to the internet.

How to Do Phone Verification

  1. Install MySecondLine and register on the app.
  2. Retrieve a virtual number using a country code you pick.
  3. Sign up to Starling with that number.
  4. Open the Receive Verification Code menu in Settings.
  5. Input the code back to Starling to verify your account.
  6. Manage your subscription plan to retain your number.
  7. Contact our app support anytime you need.

Customer Review

I have tried virtual phone numbers from several providers, and MySecondLine is the best I could recommend. It is cheap, yet very secure and convenient. Many benefits to using as well, especially if you use your virtual number to run your business.

Abigail Lindswell, Fashion Entrepreneur

As someone who used to struggle with money management, using MySecondLine for Starling can be helpful. I also use the virtual number for other investment and financial apps I need. Thus, it is easy to keep up with all the notifications.

Ulises Martin, School Janitor

I used to be skeptical about virtual phone numbers because each number tends to have multiple users at the same time, which is chaotic and dangerous. Surprisingly, MySecondLine only produces a unique virtual number for each user to use exclusively. It is secure and comfortable. I have been using it for a while and never had a problem with it.

Hubert Kirk, Mathematician

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many free virtual numbers. Why MySecondLine isn’t free?

Those free numbers have low-to-zero security protocols. Some even carry malware to steal your data. On the contrary, MySecondLine boasts industry-level security protocols to guarantee your data safety.

What do I have to do if my verification code doesn’t get through?

Update your app and get a stronger internet connection first, and then try going through the phone verification again. If this trick still doesn’t work, please contact our support team so we can assist you.

Can I use MySecondLine virtual phone number for phone calls and messages?

Sure you can. You can also explore other functions you can use from the MySecondLine app.

I’m a small business owner. How can MySecondLine app help me?

Click here to see how MySecondLine can support businesses to grow.