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Isn’t it fun to buy things that you want and pay for them later when your paycheck arrives? This scheme is possible with Clearpay. Partnered with thousands of popular stores and brands, Clearpay allows you to get the best deals at the right time and pay it in installments with no interest. Everything can be affordable now!


Phone Verification for ClearPay

Taking advantage of Clearpay is easy once your account is approved. To register into the system, you need to fill out the form with basic information, including a mobile phone number for the phone verification process. There is no way for you to trick this step or use a bogus number to bypass it. ClearPay will not approve your account before a proper phone verification.


Why Does ClearPay Require Phone Verification?

Account Identification

ClearPay needs to identify all of its users. Therefore, you must provide the necessary information they can use to identify you, including your mobile number.

Billing Information

ClearPay may need to send you details about your transactions and invoices. Sometimes, they send short info via SMS.

System Security

Phone verification can significantly improve system security of your account. After being verified, your account will be less prone to attack.

Mandatory by Law

Anonymous transactions are against the law. Hence, Clearpay needs to make sure that every user has clear identification to be held accountable.

When Does ClearPay Ask for Phone Number Verification?

During Registration

There is no way you can use Clearpay services before your account is verified. You will need to do the verification right after filling in the registration form.

On Login Attempts

You will need a phone verification on login only when you do it from a new device, a new location, or if you turn on the two-factor authentication feature.

Every Account Error

When a problem happens with your account, the Clearpay system will conduct a phone verification to return your access in a minute.

Billing Notification 

ClearPay will also give you SMS notifications from time to time to keep you updated with all of your transactions and bills.

Phone Number Options for ClearPay Verification

Your Main Mobile Phone

Although it is doable, using your main mobile number for Clearpay might not be a good idea. Besides the privacy concerns, it might also be overwhelming to receive all the transaction notifications between personal messages.

Dual SIM Card on Supported Phone

If your phone supports dual SIM, having another number for Clearpay might be an option. Unfortunately, it is not cheap to keep two mobile numbers active.

MySecondLine’s Virtual Number

Besides another SIM number, you might want to consider having a virtual number from MySecondLine instead. It is only $9.99, yet it brings more benefits than conventional mobile numbers.

Why Should You Use MySecondLine for ClearPay Verification

Eligible for Clearpay

MySecondLine’s virtual numbers are valid and working properly the Clearpay system always approves every time our clients use it for verification.

Maintain Your Privacy

No Clearpay notifications will arrive in your personal inbox. Even if they need to contact you, they will only get you through your virtual number.

Affordable and Functional

Your virtual numbers have all the features your conventional mobiles do. You can use it all unlimitedly with no additional charge.

Unlimited Location

All the country codes used in MySecondLine are not limited to their exact region. You can use it anywhere in the world without a problem.

No Unexpected Expiration

You get to decide when to delete or change your number. As long as you keep your subscription on, your number will never expire.

How to Do Phone Verification with Us

  1. Install the MySecondLine app and get signed up.
  2. Pick a country code to create a virtual number from it.
  3. Use the number to register on Clearpay
  4. Click the menu Receive Verification Code in Settings.
  5. Input the code to Clearpay to get your account verified.
  6. Keep your subscription on so your number doesn’t expire.
  7. Contact us if you have problems or questions.

Customer Review

I always wanted to use Clearpay, but I am worried my mom will see my SMS notifications. With MySecondLine, I can stay private with my transactions and keep my payments organized.

Trisha Hoga, Clerk

MySecondLine has been the number I use on every online platform. It is super practical and helpful to get me to stay private with my main number. Plus, I get to buy things I want without having to wait for my payday anymore.

Reynold Jaya, Shopkeeper

Using MySecondLine on all online platforms I register for is one of the best decisions I have ever made because it brings me all the benefits at significantly less cost.

Bruno Durham, Butcher Shop Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if ClearPay fails my verification attempt?

Try again later when your internet connection is stronger and more stable. If the problem still persists by then, kindly contact our support team for assistance. We will walk you through the whole process until it finishes. 

How to set my virtual number to be exclusive to me?

Each virtual number generated by MySecondLine is exclusive for one user only without you even having to request it.

What setting do I have to adjust to choosing a different country?

No adjustment is necessary. MySecondLine does not depend on your location to work.

Can I get an annual plan to lock the number?

Sure! You can change your subscription plan and even set your payment method for automatic renewal to prevent your number from expiring.